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Electric 5-series rival can set 7; will go on sale in the UK shortly after US launch

Electric car maker Tesla has revealed the production version of its Model S luxury electric hatch.

The Model S is a five-door similar in size to the BMW 5-series. It is due to go on sale in 2012, and it is likely to be sold in the UK soon after the car’s launch. Tesla’s European HQ will open in London later this year.

Tesla Model S pics

Tesla’s engineering boss, former Jaguar and Lotus man Peter Rawlinson, said the car is “deep in the design and engineering phase”.

Tesla claims the Model S will seat seven, with standard front and rear seats for five and two rear-facing seats in the boot, in the style of the Mercedes E-class estate. Luggage goes under the bonnet. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Autocar that the firm is still trying to improve head room.

Musk said he plans to build around 20,000 Model S hatches a year, but that figure could rise to 30-40,000 with the addition of other variants on the S platform. Rawlinson told Autocar that two extra models are likely, chosen from a crossover, a coupe and a cabrio.

The firm also revealed it has now sold 1000 of its Lotus Elise-based Roadsters.

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crashbangwallop 20 January 2010

Re: Tesla S set for 2012 launch

So in design, ready in 2012, seats 7 in what looks like a low slung Jag style car and its spec is??? price???? I wonder why I am such a sceptic.

March1 20 January 2010

Re: Tesla S set for 2012 launch

Beautiful looking car and I wish them well with the whole concept.

streaky 20 January 2010

Re: Tesla S set for 2012 launch

Yes, there's certainly nothing wrong with its styling, although from the picture the interior quality doesn't appear to match up. More importantly, I look forward to more technical details; whether there have been any more developments in its batteries to enhance the range.