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Standard range Model S now removed from UK site, increasing base price to £78,000
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8 April 2019

Tesla’s pricing changes have continued into April, with the Standard Range Model S now removed from UK sale.

The entry-level version was removed from the ordering section of the Californian firm’s US site, leaving just the Long Range and Performance variants left. It increases the base price of the EV from around £74,000 last month to £78,000, although some inventory Standard Range cars can still be ordered with delivery miles. 

It’s the latest tweak in the brand’s wide-reaching range restructure following a recent re-evaluation of its finances. Prices increased by an average of 3% across the board on 18 March, allowing CEO Elon Musk to roll-back on his plans to close many of its dealer networks and facilitate all buying and servicing of Teslas through the website.

The brand’s entire dealer network is still under review, with around 20% of its stores in the US potentially facing closure depending on their performance. Tesla is unique among major carmakers in offering an online-only sales model worldwide, with all cars sold with a seven-day or 1000-mile return policy to make up for the limited test drive availability.

The base Long Range Model S offers 393 miles of range on the outgoing NEDC cycle, 89 more than the Standard Range claimed. Ditching the Ludicrous Performance tag, the Performance model sees that drop slightly to 381 miles, but the 0-62mph time increases from 4.1sec to three seconds dead. It’s priced from £85,500. 


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8 April 2019

Lowering the prices of the performance model and lifting the pricce of the lower range model to keep clear air between the model s and the model 3 and in anticipation of the new revamped Model s wich will come with increased battery power and longer range and updated interior, and then another price increase when the newer model s is replaced with model s mk 2

8 April 2019

"the 0-62mph time increases from 4.1 sec to 3 seconds dead"...increases?, perhaps decreases. A typo, we've all made them.

8 April 2019

meanwhile the headline  base model 3 order deliveries put back, hoping to upsell to higher specs. Is tesla making money on each car sold yet ?

8 April 2019

A trend brand who’s product is rushed to market, has build and technical flaws, over charges and lets timelines and customers expectations slip and yet gets a relatively easy time from all media as they’re the “in” thing right now. No doubt they’ve shaken the automotive market but please, let’s start holding them to account like we do all the others. 

8 April 2019

Boy, news is real slow at Autocar...a car company changes prices and it is headline news...

8 April 2019

Fiat bung Tesla a few million, which allows them to share fleet emmisions, thus exploiting a loophole in the forthcoming EU regulations, you couldnt make it up..  So much for Teslas green credentials.. 

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