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The next-generation Mini is an essential model for BMW. But the full impact it will make is only just becoming clear

The third-generation Mini will make its debut at the Los Angeles motor show in November, and will usher in a range of body styles larger than ever.

The car is particularly important because it will be based on a new modular platform that’s key to the success of BMW’s small car programme. Despite this, Mini bosses are adamant that the new car should retain the character and “go kart handling” which have appealed to new Mini buyers over the last 12 years.

Here we look at the secrets behind the 2014 Mini:

New Mini variants

The third-generation of 'new Mini' will kick off with a three-door hatch, codenamed F56, at the LA motor show in November, followed by the five-door hatch (F55). The Mini Cabriolet (F57) has been given the green light for 2015, as has the Clubman Mk2 (F54) which will receive a pair of rear-hinged doors like the BMW i3. The Countryman (F60) and Paceman (F61) are also in the product plan, but there’s no news about how the concepts of these will differ from today’s models. Beyond 2016, an MPV is likely as is a roadster, possibly in the mould of the Mazda MX-5. These would likely take the missing F58 and F59 names in the sequence.

Lightweight construction

The UKL1 platform will be constructed largely from steel. Light weight aluminium and tailored blanks in high strength steel will be used throughout the inner body structure to increase rigidity. Despite this, Mini is remaining tight-lipped on whether the new cars will be lighter than the current models.


BMW responded quickly to the leaked spy-shots revealing an undisguised Mini and just over a month later, unveiled its Vision concept. The Vision’s nose treatment is said to be close to the production model, and the LED ‘ring’ around the headlamps is likely to feature. Mini design boss, Anders Warming said the grille’s styling is closer to the original and the wings are more “curvaceous”. The production rear lights will be slightly larger than those of the current Mini Countryman, but will be smaller than those fitted to the Vision.


The aerodynamics of the new Mini hatchback have been optimised in BMW’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel. The facility has played a key role in ensuring it will be the most aerodynamically efficient car to wear the Mini name yet.


The interior will feature a number of displays, with those relevant for driving placed within view of the driver. Round analogue displays will be positioned behind the steering wheel, but the centrally mounted display will be retained for navigation and other non-essential information. Mini will offer a head-up display for the first time. 

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Assistance systems

Mini will draw on a new range of assistance systems, which will include full LED headlamps, a self-parking system and a rear parking camera. The current model’s Mini Connected interface will be carried over, but will have more functions.


The engine line-up will centre around a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine, which is part of BMW’s new modular engine family. These engines will develop between 120bhp and 190bhp. Cooper S and JCW models are likely to use a four-cylinder version developing between 200 and 280bhp. A Mini source said: “We will have a completely new range of petrol and diesel engines that set new class standards in economy and emissions”.

No hybrid/EV

Despite the advances made in electric propulsion with the BMW i3, no all-electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid Minis are planned. It is felt such models could confuse the all-electric message of BMW’s electric i brand models. BMW and Mini will look to the most efficient diesel versions to provide a solution for motorists seeking frugality.


Most new Mini models will be shipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, but it is expected BMW’s smooth-shifting and efficient eight-speed torque converter automatic will be offered. With such a gearbox, there will be little or no impact on fuel consumption. Four-wheel drive will be an option on some models in the family, but it is likely the system will be restricted to high-performance variants.

UKL1 platform

The platform which will underpin the next-generation of Mini will underpin 15 new models, including at least six Minis. The platform represents a massive investment for BMW, but was necessary to provide the economies of scale required. It is estimated that more than 900,000 UKL1-based cars will be built per year. The platform will provide a number of wheelbase and seat height options, allowing a five-door hatchback variant for the first time. Despite the shared platform, to BMW Group’s design boss says, there will be a marked difference in “how the new Mini steers around a corner”.

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andyg1983 5 August 2013

But will it work?

Will it finally be reliable? A friends has constantly been letting him down, he was so looking forward to get his new mini works, within a week it was back in the shop, within a month it had been in 6 times! Within the next month it went back never to be seen again. Plenty of stories out there like this and further proof that german reliability is nothing but a myth.

Suzuki QT 5 August 2013

Hmmm ...

So the "ten facts" or "secrets" about the 2014 MINI can be boiled down to:

1. "New MINI variants" = It will have different body styles (but essentially the same as before), including one with the sole rear passenger door on the wrong side

2. "Lightweight construction" = It will be lighter (like the majority of other new cars)

3. "Design" = It will essentially look no different to the model it replaces

4. "Aerodynamics" = It was 'optimised' in a wind tunnel (like 99.9% of other cars)

5. "Interior" = It will have one

6. "Assistance systems" = It will have pointless devices (sold as 'essential options') to help those who can't drive properly

7. "Powertrain" = Yes, it will have an engine

8. "No hybrid/EV" = But it will still have an engine

9. "Transmission" = You will have the ability to change gear, though if you go for the auto, it will have the display set for LHD

10. "UKL1 platform" = The new MINI will have (thankfully) a floor too!

Apologies for coming across as flippant, but these are hardly "facts" or "secrets" ...

rybo1 4 August 2013


From what I have read and visually perused here, in my opinion, the mini has lost its charm and is well over done, in a gaudy way. I suppose the perfect car for Inspector Gadget.