Currently reading: Suzuki extends Alto VAT-free offer
An extension to Suzuki's VAT offer means the Alto is offered for less than £6000, but the Dacia Sandero is marginally cheaper

Suzuki has extended its ‘VAT free’ offer on the Suzuki Alto range to the end of 2013, meaning the entry-level Alto SZ is available for £5,999.

But the £1200 discount on the base model fails to secure it the accolade of Britain’s cheapest new car. The Dacia Sandero is priced at £4 less.

The offer, which has been extended until the end of March, sees up to £1,724 cut from the Alto range’s price list. Finance packages on the Alto have also been extended, meaning the Alto SZ can be had with a deposit of £779, followed by 41 payments of £99 with a final payment of £2352 at the end of the lease.

Suzuki describes the Alto as the “best value” city car on sale in Britain. Its emissions of 99g/km make it exempt from both road tax and the London Congestion Charge.


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fadyady 2 November 2013

Sandero is in another segment

There's nothing common between the Alto and Sandero other than the price. Sandero is almost two feet longer than Alto which is also sold by Nissan as Pixo.

Dacia Sandero is a large-ish supermini unlike Alto which is strictly a city car. In fact Sandero is larger than most superminis such as VW Polo and Ford Fiesta.

superstevie 6 January 2013

You really think it will be

You really think it will be more reliable? Alto was 115th and 117th in the last JD power results...;s=Hbi_JBRW_B9_xU3oyCsMYQ06/car-news/jd-power-survey-2012/city-cars/263078

xxxx 1 November 2013

Actually in 2013

superstevie wrote:

You really think it will be more reliable? Alto was 115th and 117th in the last JD power results..

In the 2013 indivdual results the Alto was 101st, ahead of 3 peuguot's, the Corsa, the BMW X1 and many others
TegTypeR 5 January 2013

Sandero or Alto?

Personally, if I was looking purely at cost and not other factors (physical size etc), I'd probably spend the extra £4 and go for the Alto.


Ultimately the Alto will be more reliable and cost less to run in the long term and if you want budget motoring these are the critial points.