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Japanese manufacturer confirms Impreza will go on sale in May priced from £17,495, and will also be joined by the new WRX STI
Darren Moss
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20 March 2014

Subaru has confirmed it will be putting the Impreza on sale in the UK from the beginning of May.

The Impreza will only be available with a 1.6-litre flat-four boxer petrol engine with 112bhp and 111lb ft of torque. Either a five-speed manual gearbox or CVT can be specified. Subaru says the Impreza can reach 62mph in 12.3sec in manual form, with a top speed of 114mph and able to return 44.1mpg on a combined cycle.

The manufacturer says the Impreza will be the only car in its class to offer all-wheel drive as standard. Only the hatchback model will be offered here.

Subaru is offering the Impreza in just one specification, dubbed RC, which comes with automatic headlights and wipers, 16-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone air conditioning, heated front seats and a reversing camera.

Already confirmed as joining the Impreza in the UK is the new WRX STI, which will go on sale this summer for £28,995 and comes with a 2.5-litre flat four engine developing 305bhp.

The current Impreza has already been on sale in the US and Japan since its market introduction in 2012. Prices for the new Impreza start at £17,495 in the UK.


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20 March 2014
So thirsty slow and expensive compared to its rivals. 4WD only gets you so far.

Can't see why anyone would bother. Maybe if they undercut rivals massively on price with a diesel with 4wd but with an old 1.6 they have no chance.

20 March 2014
I have lost track of what Subaru have been doing lately but thought we had an impreza here already? Given this one car model range in UK I can see why my local dealer gave up on them.

20 March 2014
But they could do with a couple more trims/engines too
Also if they import the Levorg to replace the Legacy Tourer that'd help.


20 March 2014
... would you want a 4WD Japanese Focus alternative with so many alternatives (Panda / Swift 4WD at the lower end, Duster / Yeti at this end, Focus or Gold on all weather tyres, etc etc).

20 March 2014
An hours worth of research would have told them what us and the Rest of Europe want. I hope they aren't surprised when this flops! And yet other parts of the world are getting the new saloon Legacy, which I where I thought Subaru had got there mojo back! Without the diesel engine it will gather little to no interest

20 March 2014
Do they really want these things to sell?
There is nothing to actually tempt people to buy it;
A single old tec engine option (no small cappacity turbo)
Less than average economy (No Mazda style tech to improve economy without a turbo or the turbo diesel)
Lethargic performance (Perhaps a larger engine married to 4WD would be more suitable)
Lack of options and customisation
This car has no chance against established rivals, let alone the less popular choices.
Being the only car in the class offering 4WD as std is not enough of a USP to my mind.........That's a real shame.

20 March 2014
Do you have pictures of the new one?

20 March 2014
Looks good value to me, and as its for private buyers only ( No CoCar users would want the tax this comes with) i dont think petrol is an issue. It would be better with a 2.0 engine instead, or as well though. In Yorkshire a lot of people want a second car with winter ability, and these things will sell (in modest numbers).

20 March 2014
At least they're bringing it here. Now if we can have a choice of 2.0 litre petrol and diesels Subaru may just sell a few. As opposed to a couple. I'd just like to add that as a Subaru owner, I/ we are more than prepared to sacrifice a couple of mpg in the name of the roadholding that the 4wd brings.

Oh, and if someone could put the WRX running gear into the hatch shell and bring that here too that'd be just lovely, Thanks in advance chaps. :)

20 March 2014
It's only chance was if there was a huge part of the country which regularly got covered by snow for months on end. Otherwise it's Subaru UK taking too big a cut, again, being too greedy. +1 to the above points on power, cost, and especially economy.


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