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New Subaru WRX STI shown; coming to the UK this summer priced at £28,995
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14 January 2014

The new Subaru WRX STI has been revealed at the Detroit motor show. Subaru has also announced the model will be sold in the UK from the summer, for a price of £28,995.

While the regular WRX features a turbocharged version of the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder boxer engine found in the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86, the STI carries over the existing 305bhp 2.5-litre flat four, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Like the new WRX, the STI is available in four-door form only. 

The STI’s standard all-wheel drive system is enhanced with Subaru’s Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD) and a Torsen rear differential. The DCCD offers three automatic modes and a manual mode with six centre differential lock settings. A new brake-actuated torque vectoring system is only active when the stability control is fully on or in the sportier ‘Traction’ setting, but not when fully disabled. 

Other chassis updates include an 11 per cent quicker ratio for the electrically assisted power steering, stiffer inverted strut suspension, aluminium front lower control arms and 18-inch wheels. 

Outside, the STI features more aggressive bodywork, including front wings, bumpers and doors, while the intercooler scoop is set more deeply into the bonnet for better forward visibility. A signature STI rear wing is prominent on the boot.

Attention has been paid to improve the experience inside the hotter WRX — something lacking in previous STIs. Soft-touch materials can be found on the centre console armrest, door trim and dashboard, while a longer wheelbase increases space. Dual-zone automatic climate control is standard, as are heated seats. Optional features include power leather seats and a sunroof. 

The US market will also get up to 1000 Special Launch Edition models which will go on sale in April for three months. Those cars will be Subaru blue with gold wheels, and will feature a large rear spoiler harking back to classic WRX STI heritage.

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6 January 2014
They should manage their own business in the UK and by-pass their importer! The importer is taking too big a cut, leaving the brand exposed by the high prices.

Until they do in the UK it will always be a niche product, whereas they could compete with other marques quite easily.

I do remember that the UK importer stated how they were going to move the Subaru brand up market to compete with the likes of Audi. They did it by putting up the prices.

6 January 2014
I agree with Symanski .Subaru need the WRX in their range.Price as always will be a major factor.

8 January 2014
Is there a reason why the Impreza model name has been dropped, even though this is clearly what this car is?

Apart from the hot Impreza models, Subaru seems to have no model cohesion, idendity or clear branding strategy for many punters in the UK. Whether this is the case outside the UK, I don't know, but we seem to get a mish mash of Subaru models and model variations.

8 January 2014
Since it turned out that the concept, or at least the concepts basic shape, should not make production the whol "new WRX" things has been a bit "meh" for me. It's not coming to the UK? Who really cares. Now, if the concept is re-visited, even if it costs north of 30k, please tell me where to sign!

8 January 2014
About time too!!!,been without a Halo car for too long,i only hope it can match the current crop of young pretenders.

8 January 2014
The concept looked fantastic, this looks fairly bland. Yet another concept car that shows a company could make something interesting, but choses not to.

8 January 2014
The annoying thing about this car is that the concept didnt appear to have anything on it that was unreasonable. It was a sensible shape with sensible sized wheels. By the look of it, it was completely doable. This car still looks good to me but I think they missed an opportunity design wise. Maybe the concept will be released later down the line in the vein of the old P1 2 door coupe... that'd be a good idea. Other brands seem to get away with releasing the same car / different body trick so why not Subaru (think 3 and 4 series)?
In any case I do hope this comes to the UK as it will drive the price of the Hatchback down further.... possibly within my budget as I dont mind a bit of alt-choice ; )

8 January 2014
Why show us that beautiful concept in Frankfurt last year and the produce this.
That car took the WRX to a new level in terms of aesthetics and proportions - this does not sadly

8 January 2014
Still a munter...

9 January 2014
manufacturers have a tendency to dumb down a beautiful concept in order to produce a production model. Many years ago, Porsche did it with the original Boxster, even though the production car turned out to be a sales success, I bet they would have done even better had they just built the concept. Nowadays, big name manufacturers don't dumb down anymore. Witness the recent concepts by BMW and Mercedes. By dumbing down, Subaru management seems so out of touch with the times by comparison. They are fooling themselves that an ordinary design is a more sensible one. Yet, buyers of the WRX STI are not entirely sensible people. Sad, because I am a huge fan and owner of the original Imprezza. I don't call myself Scooby for nothin!


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