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BMW and Chinese partner Brilliance reveal expansion plans

A long wheelbase version of the BMW 3-series is set to be put into production in China.

The stretched BMW 3-series will compete for sales with the ultra-successful Audi A4L, and will be built in conjunction with BMW's Chinese partner Brilliance at a new factory in the Shengyang economic zone.

The new factory - which will be built by 2012 - will have the capacity to build 100,000 units a year, and will also house a production line for the X1, according to the chairman of Brilliance Auto, Qi Yu Min.

The plant's creation underlines both the growing importance of the Chinese market to BMW and the growing relationship between Brilliance and BMW.

Once the factory is complete, the alliance will be able to build up to 300,000 cars a year in China, with up to 60 per cent of the parts locally sourced. That means the plant is likely to exceed demand for BMW's in China, and will export cars.

BMW is projected to sell 120,000 cars in China from 2012, having doubled its sales in the region so far this year.

Brilliance is also reported to be pushing to open a Mini factory in China.

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Uncle Mellow 9 June 2010

Re: Stretched BMW 3-series planned

If they could stretch the 3-Series boot enough to make space for a spare wheel it would be a big improvement.

droumsullivan 9 June 2010

Re: Stretched BMW 3-series planned

Living in China I can tell you it is to do with tax reasons. Most of the LWB models are Chinese built and so don't suffer from the, I believe, 100% tax on imported cars.Hence a MINI Cooper over here can cost 400,000rmb ( 40,000 GBP.) If you think the idea of the 3 series LWB, you'd love the Citroen ZX Elysee (saloon) long wheel base, an extra 6 inches added to the B-pillar. Linking to another thread, re VW in China, their market perception is strange. People will pay extra ( a lot extra) for driving a German built VW, rather than a Shanghai built one. The market basically goes Chinese owned brands, Chinese built Foreign brands, Foreign made Foreign brands.

mantaray 9 June 2010

Re: Stretched BMW 3-series planned

never buy a clio wrote:

I know this is going to be rather stereotypical, but aren't the Chinese usually fairly short? What are they using this extra rear legroom for?

To get the whole family in.......