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The Corvette C7 has been spied during cold weather testing and is due to launch in 2013

The Corvette C7 has been spied during cold weather testing. The car is due to go into production later this year ahead of a 2013 launch. The heavily camouflaged Corvette C7 prototype reveals a few minor details about the upcoming sports car, which is expected to adopt a more European-looking design.

As previously confirmed by parent company General Motors, the C7 will retain its traditional front-engine and rear-wheel drive layout. A switch to a mid-engined format was considered, but has been put on ice

Compared to the C6, it seems that the front wheels have moved farther forward, increasing the dash-to-axle ratio and most likely the wheelbase too.

The rear end also appears to be larger, with a higher deck lid and slightly longer overhang, while the four exhaust pipes are now grouped together in the centre of the rear, as opposed to the C6’s ‘two sets of two’ arrangement.

The C7 is expected to have a smaller and lighter body, which makes use of carbonfibre and aluminium in order to keep its weight down and improve its power-to-weight ratio.

Although specifics about the engine are closely guarded by GM, power seems likely to come from a 5.5-litre V8 producing in the region of 450bhp, compared to the 6.2-litre V8 that drives the current C6.

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There is also the possibility of the C7 getting a high-revving turbocharged V8 engine as part of its desire to offer a mainstream rival to Porsche and Ferrari, a development that Autocar reported on last year. The new V8 would be just over 3.0 litres in capacity and is expected to have around 400bhp.

GM’s goal is to make the new Corvette a truly global competitor when production starts up. The car giant has invested $131 million (£80 million) in the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant that produces the Corvette to prepare for the C7 launch.


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Peter Cavellini 26 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: new Corvette C7

Guffria wrote:

GaryW wrote:

K1NZ wrote:

I look forward to its release!

They should get rid of the live rear axle, and rubbish interior and modernise the suspension and inside and it will already be a huge leap forward.

As for the ferrari porsche rival?? hmm not so sure if thats what the corvette is all about, i though it was more a loud, look at me, tail happy muscle car, simple but desireable not a high tech nurburgring record setter...just my opinion

You've really done your research, haven't you...

1. The Vette has had independent rear suspension since 1963.

2. Search for ZR1 Nurburgring Lap on Google or Youtube. In fact, to save you time, it did a 7:19.63 lap. (Hint: that's fast).

Must I keep reminding people that ZR1 7:19 time was done Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires i.e. Le Mans redesigned them for the track!

With out them the ZR1 would not have done anything close to that time, maybe around 7:24-25...

I'm not bothered about it's performance, i'm bothered by the fact it's still looks like an 80's throwback,why no radical move in body design?,are they afraid too change it? it getting left behind style-wise?.

275not599 26 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: new Corvette C7

I have owned a 911 and driven only one Corvette, a C4 which a friend of mine personally supercharged. Each had strengths and weaknesses. Arguing Corvette vs. 911 pretty much comes down to saying which aligns more closely to your personal taste.

Bugger lap times - that's all smoke and mirrors and is optimised at the expense of roadability. We should celebrate both cars and the choice they provide.

In the US, for around $65,000, you can get into a base Boxster, an Exige or a Corvette convertible with 10 grand in options/aftermarket upgrades to your taste. Three different ways to have a lot of fun!

jackjflash 25 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: new Corvette C7

Guffria wrote:
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires

Better known as street tires, don't think I have seen any runflat racing slicks.