Renaultsport looks, if not performance
15 January 2010

This is the Renault Clio S, a car Renault says gives one of its more mundane models a Renaultsport look.

The three-door Clio S, which takes its name from a smilar car of the 1990s, has 16-inch alloys, tinted rear windows and tailgate, a white front bumper insert and white ‘GT’ rear spoiler, plus racing stripes.

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Inside there are embossed ‘S’ logos, a leather steering wheel and white centre console, dashboard inserts and instrument dials.

The Clio S is based on the standard car's Expression spec, which was previously only available in five-door.

Buyers get three engine choices: a 74bhp and 98bhp 1.2-litre units and an 85bhp 1.5-litre diesel.

Prices start at £11,209 and go up to £13,458, making them between £100 less and £400 more than the equivalent five-door.

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Our Verdict

Renault Clio

A multi-talented contender that can stand comparison with the best superminis on the roads today, even if it isn't quite the best

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15 January 2010

Reminds me of the warm Peugeots and Renault from the 90s - mostly the 106 Rallye. This colour scheme doesn't look right to me - as if it's screaming "look at me!". White alloys would've been fine, and they could've ditched the stripes, or at least remove the enormous 'S' emblem! Renault used to do different little Limited Editions to everyone else - the Clio Extreme 3 (from 2004ish), with its barcode seats and burnt orange paint was a bit unique. This just isn't quite right. It's a shame, too, Renault could've done something a bit more subtle - maybe they could've used the golden yellow and pale green from the Clio 200, together with the darker alloys and red brake calipers.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

15 January 2010

Its a bit unimaginative, and a bit brash, like some young guys do to their cars with a paint brush and some white paint. That big white panel on the centre console looks a bit cheap.

15 January 2010

Getting there - if only they had stripped out more weight, tightened up the handling and suspension, fitted amusingly short gearing that caused it to red line in 5th at 110mph and given it a noisy induction system... you'd have something to make you smile on a B-road at legal speeds...

15 January 2010

The Clio was a nice little car pre- facelift now its just bland like all Renault models.This special edition adds nothing new or enticing.

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