CO2 emissions cut below 120g/km; fleet customers will be main beneficiaries

Skoda has expanded its environmentally friendly GreenLine brand with the addition of the Octavia to the range.

The Czech firm has already given the Fabia and Superb the GreenLine treatment, with features including quieter running, fewer moving parts and a wider range of power and torque curves.

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The Octavia joins the range with its common-rail 1.6-litre TDI CR engine, which emits 114 g/km of CO2.

Skoda is mainly pitching the Octavia GreenLine at fleet customers, as a monthly company car tax bill would be £69.62 in the 40 per cent tax band.

Christopher Horrell, product marketing manager at Skoda, said: “Skoda’s GreenLine range and new diesel engines are designed purely and simply to reduce impact on the environment, which in turn will lower fleet running costs.”

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