Currently reading: Skoda builds one-off Karoq-based SUV for cyclists
Karoq Velo concept features a washing machine, Follow Me drone and inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot

Skoda has unveiled a one-off concept version of the Skoda Karoq, which boasts a number of modifications aimed at cycling enthusiasts.

The Karoq Velo was conceived by Skoda’s UK design team, which carried out a survey of more than 1500 cyclists to determine what features to fit to the SUV.

Skoda’s research found that 27% of the cyclists said a major downside of riding is returning to their vehicle in dirty or damp cycling wear. As a result, the Velo features a spin cycle washing machine and integrated pressure washer, meaning owners can clean their clothes and bike before loading the car after a ride. 

A full tool kit and puncture repair facilities also feature, in response to the 31% of survey respondents who reported mechanical issues as a major obstacle to enjoying cycling. 

A comprehensive LED lighting system means that night-time repairs can be carried out without the need to hold a torch or locate a streetlight. 

In addition to the two slots on its conventional roof-mounted bike rack, the Velo can carry a third bicycle in a bespoke cradle mounted in the boot, in the name of enhanced security and protection from the elements. 


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Included with the Velo is a Follow Me drone, which can be set up to track a cyclist through their ride and capture photos, before returning to a bespoke bonnet-mounted magnetic landing pad. Any footage taken can then be immediately uploaded to the internet, thanks to the Velo’s inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Further connectivity comes in the form of Skoda’s emergency call function, which can be activated to send the vehicle’s location immediately to Skoda and obtain urgent assistance. 

The Karoq Velo is a one-off concept not destined for sale, but a fully-working example will be used as a cycling support vehicle in the coming months.

Skoda recently revealed the Mountiaq, an off-road pick-up version of the larger Skoda Kodiaq SUV, which was built by students at the firm’s in-house vocational academy.

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JMax18 10 June 2019

What is going on in VW group?

What is going on in VW group?

Are they going mad?

First the Skoda pickup, then the lambo off-roader, and now this.

All these gimmicky designs must be fun for the students though. 

They'll be making an Up! for scuba divers next. Fully submersible with impellers and outboard motors. Features oxygen tanks and fish food dispensers.

The Colonel 10 June 2019

This advertorial was brought to you...

I can get my bike into the back of a TT by only removing the front wheel.  That has a very space greedy carrier cradle in the boot, front wheel off (where is it?), saddle out, and handle bars turned through 90 degrees.

But hey, it has a washing machine in it, for crying out loud...something wanted by precisely, no one.  I think they missed the point of the dirty/damp clothes comments...people want an interior to handle it...not a fricking twin tub.  Even with a washer in it, the issue for changing persists.

Nice advert for Skoda though, Autocar.  You are quite the good Girl Scouts.

gavsmit 10 June 2019

Bike similarities

I thought it would cost nothing for vehicle excise duty (don't call it road tax for goodness sake!), doesn't need insurance, can be used on the pavement and is immune from traffic lights and speeding fines.

But it is about the same width of three bikes riding abreast though.