Currently reading: Seat Altea and Altea XL axed to make way for new SUV
Spanish car brand is ending production of the Altea MPV to make way for its Leon-based SUV model, which is due in 2016

The Seat Altea and larger Altea XL are being discontinued globally. It’s understood that the continuing decline in sales of MPVs in Europe has spurred Seat’s decision to cut the model from its line-up.

Official sales figures reveal that Seat sold a total of 439 Altea models in the UK during 2014, and 445 Altea XLs. By comparison, Ford shifted around 14,000 units of the B-Max in this country last year.

Seat knocked almost £4000 off the starting price of the Altea back in June, reducing the cost of the entry-level Altea from £19,345 to £15,445 and the Altea XL from £20,065 to £16,165.

Although no direct replacement for the Altea is planned, Seat is following the global shift from MPVs to SUVs by launching its own SUV model, based on the Leon hatchback, in 2016.

Intended as a rival to the Nissan Qashqai, Seat’s first SUV model is due to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March of next year. It will be followed in 2017 by a smaller SUV, designed to take on the Nissan Juke in Europe.

Seat’s decision to realign its product portfolio more towards SUVs and MPVs is nothing new. Renault famously defied convention last year by morphing its Espace MPV into a reborn crossover, while sales figures across Europe show a continuing trend towards SUVs rather than traditional saloons and MPVs.

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The Seat Altea may be getting on a bit now, unveiled in 2003 and able to trace its roots right back to the Salsa concept car from the 2000 Geneva show, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less relevant

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AndyT 2 September 2015

It is just so fashionable to

It is just so fashionable to dump on SEAT and here are all the "what is SEAT for?" postings. What is Kia for, what is Renault for? But no, SEAT seems the long standing target.
Here in York there are so so many Ibizas and Leons on the roads. Last year was SEAT's best ever year in the UK with over 50k cars sold.
If the Altea had been a Skoda (like the Roomster) or a VW like the Touran a replacement would be in the pipeline in addition to an SUV.
Skoda is given the endless new models and factories in China and yet people comment that SEAT's sales are not on par. Of course they blummin aren't, but all considered SEAT is doing amazingly well.
Will86 21 August 2015

What is SEAT for?

I always thought it was the sportier brand of the VW group. Skoda are about value, space and comfort, VW are a bit premium (rear over priced), SEAT were always the ones for something a bit sporty, with a bit more design flair and lower price tag. I think there is room in the market for SEAT, but I have to echo the comments above that VW is making heavy weather of SEAT.
A34 21 August 2015

Died due to negligence

As a Leon++ the Altea family was a good idea. An alternative to the C-Max with less pretensions than a Touran. Would have made more sense with 4wd than the XPerience Leon ST, but Seat never updated the Altea leaving it to wither. Shame - an updated version could have been a contender!