F1 champion and 458 Italia development driver Schumacher speaks
3 September 2009

A new Ferrari 458 Italia promotional video has been released, featuring an interview with F1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher, who has been involved in development driving of the 458 Italia, talks through the innovative F1-style steering wheel, which includes the start button, shock absorber setting adjustments, indicator and high beam control, and the seven-speed gearshift paddles.

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The steering “has increased precision and accuracy by a tremendous amount”, and the all-new suspension offers “a huge improvement” on previous models, according to the retired racer.

Schumacher also says he has been especially impressed with the brakes, which have “such performance [as] I have never seen before”, and help to stop the 458 from 62mph in just 32.5 metres.

Schumacher calls acceleration from the new 4.5-litre V8 “exceptional”. The engine slings the new car from 0-62mph in less than 3.4 seconds thanks to the 562bhp it produces at 9000rpm.

The seven-time F1 champion sums up the 458 Italia as “a big step forward” for Ferrari.

The car will be officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September, and is expected to cost around £150,000.

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Richard Webber

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Ferrari 458

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3 September 2009

So they get Michael to do a video and then give him absolutely bugger all to say!

3 September 2009

This one, 150k.

The Noble M600, 200k. Hopeless.

Very curious to see the new Macca, though. If it's true that it's got a brand new engine and not the 6,2 AMG V8, that would make it very, very, very interesting....

3 September 2009

I'd take a Lambo over everyting... :-)

3 September 2009

Hopefully the G-forces won't hurt his neck... ;)

3 September 2009

I'm not sure theres much of a story here - He's employed by ferrari, and its for thier promotional dvd.

He's hardly going to stand there and say "the steering could do with more feel and the suspention was better on a prototype we made but the accountants said we had to cut back on spending so we've made do with this...."

Of course he's going to stand there, say its the best thing every to come out of ferrari and get everyone to form a nice long que behind him....

3 September 2009

Hmmmmm. He looks a bit fruity in that picture.

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

3 September 2009

Schuey, " It's faster, has better dynamics and amazing brakes. All better than before. You need to buy this car!" Wow, what an excellent review anyone would think he works for Ferrari.... oh wait!! PR Drivel.

14 July 2010

Wonder what he thinks of it now he's driving for Mercedes-Benz?

14 July 2010

Of course, although they're very different cars, the 458 and the SLS do sort of go head-to-head as rivals...

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