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Saab will begin testing electric 93s in 2011 to develop tech for its future EVs

Saab will begin testing a fleet of all-electric 93s early next year.

Top Saab executives said at the US media launch of the new Saab 9-5 that they hoped to test the fleet in a variety of different locations around the world.

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The cars will be used to develop technology for Saab’s alternative-fuel vehicles, to which the company has now committed as part of guarantees to lenders including the Swedish government and European Investment Bank.

“The main purpose is to draw technology from this test fleet, technology that we can then incorporate quickly,” said Saab CEO Jan-Ake Jonsson. “The key target short-term is to drive fuel consumption down."

The electric Saab 93 fleet will be run by a consortium including Saab, lithium-ion battery producer Boston-Power, the Swedish Energy Authority and Electroengine, a Swedish firm claiming to have developed a new electric propulsion system that can be fitted to internal combustion engine vehicles, without substantial re-engineering costs.

Jonsson also said the company will develop smaller-displacement, turbocharged engines in the future.

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supermanuel 7 August 2010

Re: Saab to test electric 93s

WooDz wrote:
SAAB's version is expected to achieve over 150mpg with just 10g of CO2/km.

I can't see the oil companies being happy with that. They'd buy Spyker/SAAB/Sweden just so that they could nip that in the bud, surely?

WooDz 5 August 2010

Re: Saab to test electric 93s

Think you're pointing the blame in the wrong direction.

Bio-Ethanol hasn't taken off because the main oil companies would rather sell their decomposed tree sludge. The Government thinks that electricity comes out of plugs and the EU only want 10% or all vehicles running on renewable fuel by 2025. It means the likes of BP and SHELL can add a 10% blend of Ethanol to petroleum, market it as V-Power and Ultimate and keep the EU happy.

In the meantime Continents like S.America have already over 70% of their transport running on Ethanol. Sweden wants to be Fossil fuel free by 2020 and N.America see Ethanol as part of the solution for their transport needs.

Nice to see the blindingly idiotic cannot see the advantages of a Hybrid system using an e100 range extender motor. Toyota think they are doing good with 74mpg and 89g of CO2/KM. SAAB's version is expected to achieve over 150mpg with just 10g of CO2/km.

andrepaul999 3 August 2010

Re: Saab to test electric 93s

Its likely to be a massive success, just like saab biopower ha ha!!!!