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First pics of Saab's new crossover leak ahead of its LA debut in November

Saab’s new 9-4X crossover has leaked on to the internet ahead of its Los Angeles motor show reveal in November.

The pictures, taken from Saab's United blog site, reveal a pre-production model with few styling changes over the original concept of the same name from 2008.

The 9-4X is a crucial car for Saab, particularly in North America where the crossover segment is booming.

See the leaked pics of the Saab 9-4X

The 9-4X is the sister car to Cadillac’s new SRX and will be built in the same General Motors factory in Mexico. It’s based on a new platform called Theta Premium that mixes components from GM’s Theta and Epsilon 2 platforms.

Saab sources say that as well as getting its own exterior styling, the 9-4X also has a unique interior, with a dashboard design that’s very close to the new 9-5’s. It’s expected to go on sale in the US in the spring and in the UK late next year.

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However, the 9-4X will be of less importance to Saab’s European sales, since the car will probably be available only with the 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine.

Saab insiders say the company is “working on a diesel solution”, but the hunt for an oil-burner may not prove straightforward.

Diesel engines will have to be sourced for the Mexican factory, and Saab engineers will probably have to execute the conversion because Cadillac is unlikely to want the powerplant in the SRX.

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supermanuel 29 September 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X leaked ahead of LA

Cheltenhamshire wrote:
It is no wonder Saab suffered with the piss poor product planning from GM, they really are the dumbest and most deluded company on this earth. Yep, who would think that a crossover with a diesel would be worth making for Europe.

I don't disagree with your first point (yes, GM is a spectacularly stupid company) but with regard to your second point - they didn't plan this car for Europe as such. It is very definitely an attempt to capitalise on the NA SUV market which doesn't require a diesel. The fact that it will come to Europe without diesel is unfortunate but it's hardly the point of the car.

WFC Holden wrote:
Golly. This car is beyond ugly.

No it isn't.

Cheltenhamshire 29 September 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X leaked ahead of LA

Chevy made the Saab 97x, a Chevy Trailblazer with a Saab nose glued on. Had a 4.2 litre inline six. So it might have been that, especially if it were in Manchester ... an import from Bauer Millet I expect.

1232123 29 September 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X leaked ahead of LA

I saw a Saab 4x4 in south Manchester last week- and it looks the splitting image of this.... is there an American Saab SUV out or must it have been one of these testing?