New bespoke Rolls-Royce features a powerful music system and completes a trilogy of Wraith-based specials
5 August 2015

Rolls-Royce has revealed a new bespoke version of the Wraith, dubbed 'Inspired by Music'. The car is the final entry in a trilogy of special Wraith models, with the 'Inspired by Film' and 'Inspired by Fashion' cars having already been revealed.

Since the Wraith's release in 2013, Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke Audio system has been only an optional extra - but it's now the headline feature of the ‘Inspired by Music', with Rolls-Royce claiming it has created the “most exclusive music venue”. Rolls-Royce says the music system has taken two years to develop and features a 1300W, 18-channel sound system with nine individual speakers.

Designed to replicate the way live music is experienced, the system features state-of-the-art technology, including two ‘exciter’ speakers fitted into the headlining to bring the sound to ear level. Various microphones automatically monitor outside noises and adjust the volume and tone settings accordingly, to optimise the sound inside the car.

The Wraith itself has been finished, inside and out, with a new coat of copper-themed paintwork. The Wraith’s doors have also been fitted with new, copper-themed speaker grilles, with the words ‘Bespoke Audio’ engraved into them.

Other interior modifications include new leather trim on the door cards and floor mats.

No changes have been made to the Wraith's running gear or engine, meaning it's powered by the same 624bhp 6.6-litre V12 engine as the standard car. The Wraith can get to 62mph in 4.4sec, despite having a kerb weight of 2435kg.

Prices for the Wraith 'Inspired by Music' start at around £228,000.

Callum McAvoy

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5 August 2015
Is this something for those who drive late at night in manky old fiestas with the loudest stereo ever to aspire to? Perhaps rename it to "Inspired by Lottery winning Chavs".

5 August 2015
I'm surprised that Rolls-Royce would produce a Special edition anything. I thought that when people ordered them they tailored the spec completely to their own taste, therefore each one would be your own personal 'special edition'.

5 August 2015
They have been making Editions for years to help facilitate and encourage customers own creative process.

There are loads of editions. I adore the copper trims on the Music cars, very nice indeed.

6 August 2015

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