Currently reading: Rolls-Royce reveals latest ultra-exclusive Boat Tail model
Latest bespoke model is inspired by the buyer's family history, with links to the pearling industry

The latest, ultra-limited Rolls Royce Boat Tail model – the second in a series of just three cars worth around £20 million apiece – has been revealed ahead of its appearance at this weekend's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. 

The hand-built model features a design commissioned by a customer whose family business originates from the pearling industry. The firm says the car “creates a highly personal and emotionally resonant homage to the client’s father”. 

Rolls-Royce also says the Boat Tail has a colour blend of “oyster and soft rose”, with a pearlescent finish that changes under different light conditions. 

The bonnet, finished in a "cognac colour", has been designed specifically for the model and features bronze and aluminium mica flakes, as well as a crystalised and ice matt coating. The sills, meanwhile, are coloured rose gold. 

A wooden deck has been added to the rear of the car, concealing a bespoke “hosting suite”, with a unique “butterfly design” dining set and an umbrella. 

030 Rolls royce boat tail umbrella 2022

Walnut-coloured leather appears throughout the interior, which has rose gold accents and a walnut veneer. Rolls-Royce says the leather materials on the dashboard, armrests, centre console and seats employ a pearlescent finish.

The firm claims walnut was chosen because it “matures over time” and will eventually transition to look similar to the cognac-coloured bonnet. 

The transmission tunnel, meanwhile, is made from walnut veneer, with gold pinstripes to match the rear deck. A bespoke pearl-coloured timepiece sits atop the dashboard. 

Alex Innes, Rolls-Royce’s head of Coachbuild design, said: "Every Rolls-Royce Coachbuild commission is, of course, incredibly special, but in this case, there was an additional depth of feeling.  

“Creating a motor car in honour of a revered client’s father and family history is an extraordinary privilege – a responsibility that we took very much to heart. The commissioning patron's deep-rooted connection to Boat Tail is an inspiration. The result far exceeds a means of conveyance to become, quite literally, a moving work of art."

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An example of the Boat Tail will make its official public debut on 21 May at the Concorso d'Eleganza, on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. 

The previous Rolls-Royce Boat Tail model was also revealed publicly at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este last year, although that event took place in October. Three examples were built. 

With a price rumoured to stand at around £20 million, it was the most expensive car ever built by Rolls-Royce and almost double the price of the Rolls-Royce Sweptail. The firm has not revealed a price for this newly revealed car.

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realistnotoptimist 21 May 2022


Not a fan of the colours... but otherwise a literally beautiful piece of craftmanship! Well done RR!

Anton motorhead 20 May 2022
All of a sudden Mercedes' AMG One looks like a true bargain. I don't understand this one-off automobile - what a waste!
Peter Cavellini 20 May 2022
Anton motorhead wrote:

All of a sudden Mercedes' AMG One looks like a true bargain. I don't understand this one-off automobile - what a waste!

Just three?, yes , just three, to show that, albeit in name only, Rolls Royce still make the go to ultimate luxury car, from beginning RR produced the engine of choice, even in WW1 they made armoured cars, Lawrence of Arabia had nine when he was fighting the Turks, of course in WW2 it was the engine in Spitfires, Hurricane and Mosquito not forgetting the Lancaster and a few more planes besides,and even today RR engines power aeroplanes, so, only £60 million isn't a lot by other car production standards, it's what the UK should be proud of.

Peter Cavellini 20 May 2022

 Yep, a beautiful creation, all in-house bits too!