The Dawn - Inspired by Fashion combines stark colour contrasts with silk elements; it'll be available to order from November
25 October 2016

The Rolls-Royce Dawn – Inspired by Fashion is a new car from the Bespoke service at Rolls’ Goodwood headquarters.

As the name suggests, the special edition convertible takes its cue from the world of haute couture and has been created by a team of designers from fashion, fine textiles and luxury accessories.

The result is a machine with an interior that features unusual textures and fine silks in the door pockets that are adorned with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy. Each emblem has been set at a 55deg angle to complement the lines of the door.

The exterior combines a neutral Andalucian White paint with a choice of three bright folding roof colours: Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue and Mandarin. Hand-painted coachlines along the car’s sides mirror the colour of the roof.

Subtle accents continue the theme in an Arctic White and Black interior colour scheme – the leather stitching, piping and embroidery match the roof colour.

Our Verdict

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls makes grand claims for its new four-seat soft-top - does it deliver the refinement and luxury expected of the brand once exposed to the elements?

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The dashboard is finished in Piano White with aluminium particles that Rolls-Royce says give it a silk-like appearance. The lacquering process alone takes nine days. A bespoke clock sits in the centre of the dash, styled to imitate metallic fabrics.

Led by Rolls-Royce’s design director, Giles Taylor, the team behind Dawn – Inspired by Fashion include Cherica Haye, a textile specialist from the Royal College of Art, and leather expert Michelle Lusby, who previously worked at Mulberry.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn – Inspired by Fashion will be available to order from November.

Phill Tromans

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25 October 2016
Crass, vulgar and tasteless…will fit the buyer profile to perfection.
Proves that money will not always provide good judgement...

25 October 2016
Is this not basically a rehash of the 'Inspired by Fashion' limited edition that R-R did for the Wraith last year?

25 October 2016
Money. Money happened. People now are really awful.

25 October 2016
Never mind good taste, look at all the money I've got...


25 October 2016
Not my cup of tea but if some people like it fair enough. I can think of plenty of much cheaper cars that are far more tasteless, its only all white with the odd colour accent.

XXXX just went POP.

25 October 2016
Anyone see the rob ferretti video where he reviews a phantom? Apparently the umbrellas in a RR cost $1200 each. Blimey. I'd be scared to use them. I'm forever leaving umbrellas everywhere. As a special edition, that red and black one in the pics would surely cost more.

25 October 2016
Not a bad effort but I want an Inspired by Trump model, with gold everywhere, a Louis XVI interior (surely it is not beyond the wit of man to devise a folding chandelier for the convertible top?) and a loud hailer that brays insults at the riff raff.

25 October 2016
This car should come with matching white silk suit for the driver, and pre-loaded Liberace CDs as well. The designers must have visited Barbican's "The Vulgar in Fashion" exhibition before designing this car.

27 October 2016
Why not just tattoo "I'm a monumental gaylord" on one's forehead?

3 September 2018
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