720bhp, V12 Brabus Bullit receives stealth look for Geneva
3 March 2008

We brought you news of the Brabus Bullit – a 720bhp V12 Biturbo C-Class saloon – from the Frankfurt motor show last September.Now, just in time for the Geneva show, Brabus has taken the Bullit theme to stealthier levels by coating the vehicle in a matt black finish and calling it the Bullit Black Arrow.A further enhancement to the “four-door stealth sports car” theme is the addition of an aluminium bonnet with integrated vents for cooling the massive powerplant. The V12 Biturbo in the Brabus delivers a mind-blowing 811lb ft of torque, and will get to 60mph in 3.9sec, and can cover 0-186mph is done and dusted in 24.5sec. Top speed is a claimed 224mph.To cope with the vast quantities of power and torque, Brabus have re-engineered the transmission, suspension system, rear differential (with two different final drive ratios) and brakes.You'd better really want a four-seat supercar, though. The 224mph Black Arrow will set you back a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-rivalling £235,000.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class marks a return to the company's old-school values of all-round quality and maturity

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4 March 2008

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