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Jaguar and Land Rover flagships will share platforms in the future

Jaguar Land Rover plans to cut down from using six platforms to just two, including a platform share between the Range Rover and XJ.

Building a Range Rover out of the same structure that underpins the new XJ saloon is not as difficult as it might sound, requiring only limited, inexpensive modifications.

While the floor and front crash structure will remain the same, the Range Rover version will get a taller front bulkhead and a modified rear bulkhead, which will accommodate folding rear seats.

The XJ’s front strut towers are cast in one piece and bonded and riveted to the front chassis legs. The Range Rover will simply get taller towers to accommodate the model’s higher ride height and much greater wheel articulation.

Ultimately, JLR wants to have two basic platforms. The basic set-up will be a conventional steel structure (based on Ford’s C1 platform), which will come in three lengths and underpin the three-model Freelander family. Insiders expect a super-size seven-seat Freelander to replace the current Discovery, so that model will not require a direct replacement.

Jaguar’s aluminium architecture is likely to be spun out of today’s wider, luxury version (used for the firm’s three flagship cars) and a new, narrower, more flexible structure for the rest of Jaguar’s future models, including the XE roadster.

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Symanski 19 February 2010

Re: Range Rover/XJ 'platform share'

VX220EDDIE wrote:
a good idea would be to make a 4x4 jaguar that shares range rovers underpinnings!

Nothing wrong with platform sharing, VAG do it all the time.

Unfortunately for Jaguar all the UK jounalists turn their noses up whenever Jaguar try - remember with the X-Type based upon the Mondeo chassis? Even that useless of useless jounalists Penny Mallory dissmissed the DB7 V12 Vantage because it was "just two Mondeo engines stuck together".

However, a 4x4 Jaguar is something that I've said for a long time should be considered. Not necessarily to go off road, but to give that commanding driving position and school run ability.

The rise in SUV numbers is because all the speed bumps. You need one in suburbia! Suburban Utility Vehicle.

lucasworldcars 18 February 2010

Re: Range Rover/XJ 'platform share'

Tata have to be praised for taking two luxury brands and making them consider that the credit crunch is still on and they have to do some cost-cutting. Its a great way of getting the two brands into different territory. I'm a fan of both brands and Tata is doing an excellent job of keeping them both in check. I hope they consider other great things in the future.

VX220EDDIE 18 February 2010

Re: Range Rover/XJ 'platform share'

probably a good idea for cost cutting! and probably a good idea would be to make a 4x4 jaguar that shares range rovers underpinnings! could be a good alternative to the likes of the big germans brands