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First images of the baby Land Rover in testing
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21 May 2010

These are the first pictures of the Range Rover LRX in action.

The spy pictures were taken near Land Rover's headquarters in the Midlands and this LRX is one of around 10 prototypes undergoing testing ahead of the car's launch at the Paris motor show in the autumn. Each model is believed to be running a different psychedelic disguise.

LRX is only a codename for the car at present, although its final production name has yet to be decided. The LRX will be built at Land Rover's Halewood plant in Merseyside and will be the first Land Rover to be offered with optional two-wheel drive, although only four-wheel drive models will be available from launch.

The LRX is similar to the VW Golf in size, although Land Rover has gone for style over practicality with its design.

All versions of the LRX are likely to use a version of the Freelander’s drivetrain, with a revised specification of that car’s PSA-sourced 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine producing around 185bhp. It will also be the first manual Range Rover since 2002, because a six-speed manual 'box will be standard. The front-drive model will emit less than 130g/km of CO2; four-wheel-drive LRXs will emit around 140g/km.

The LRX will enter production next year and will be priced from around £35,000; front-drive models will cost around £5000 less.


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18 May 2010

I am a huge LR fan and owner but I really struggle to see the point of this vehicle. It is a pure marketing exercise. Who wants a 2WD 2 door LR? Maybe I am mistaken. After all people buy the X6

And £30K?!?!?

18 May 2010

Despite my recent comment on the facelift freelander re cladding on cars etc. I actually like the look of this car, refreshing to see the different take on the frontal area with new light design rather than big brash things on the current Freelander etc. As for it being 2wd only time will tell, as we already know most of this type of vehicle don't see a muddy field it's whether joe public and specifically Mrs, 2.4 children can be convinced it's just as able on the school run as the 4wd variants.

18 May 2010

[quote GAC236]

Who wants a 2WD 2 door LR? Maybe I am mistaken. After all people buy the X6

And £30K?!?!?


£30k base for a two-door, fwd hatchback! Ha ha! Magic mushrooms growing around Gaydon?

Bet all those eejits who thought it comical to slag the X6, with the lame 'What's the point of the X6?', little realised that their favourite Indian British 4x4 maker would trump the ridiculous X6 thing with a fantastically ridiculous 2 door, fwd, Ford platform cast-off(cut down Mondeo platform), Tonka-toy wannabe with a Peugeot derv engine for £30k min. Gotta be shoo-in for cynical marketing p!sstake of the year award, maybe of the century.

PS I take the above all back. I now realise this car's purpose in life is to make the Nissan Leaf seem both cheap and practical.

18 May 2010

Talking of Indian & Peugeot brings to mind an advert of somebody reshaping his car to become a 207(?) - looks like an elephant has sat on a Freelander

18 May 2010

I'm guessing that they will have both a 2 door and a 4 door version of the LRX.

There are a lot of people who would want a 2 door LR - I can remember when LR showed the 2 door Range Stormer concept a few years ago and then there were a lot of complaints when the much more conservative Range Rover Sport arrived.

The LRX is a much more cohesive design and will appeal to a completely different type of buyer than the 4 door.

Here's someone's view of what a 4 door one could look like:

If it means more sales by building both variants, seems like a good plan to me!!

18 May 2010

I would LR to state who exactly is the target clientele for this vehicle, and what volumes they expect to sell.

18 May 2010

Isn't a 2wd Land Rover just a Rover........?

Tbh, as stupid as this thing is, it will sell well among the school run mums and urbanite snob wannabees......

Love this quote.....

"The LRX is similar to the VW Golf in size, although Land Rover has gone for style over practicality with its design."

Says it all really, about who will by this heap!

18 May 2010

I seem to remember that when the LRX was first mooted and the show concept appeared, everyone was talking of it being priced at about £25,000 max (ie the same as an up-market Golf) which seemed reasonable for a "small" stylish 4x4, but the price quoted here of £35,000 is just crazy. Its pricey for a Freelander in my opinion, never mind a much smaller impractical two-wheel drive model. Looks like the Nissan Juke will do pretty much the same thing for about half the price.

18 May 2010

How long is it since land rover have turned out a truly duff product? i think this is going to be a very good looking car. I just hope they price it correctly

18 May 2010

I'm really surprised by this. In the good way. I assumed Land Rover would kill off those concept car proportions by the time it got to production. Very pleased to see they haven't and that it's shaping up to be as dynamic looking as the show car. Naturally purists are going to be quite upset...


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