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First images of the baby Land Rover in testing

These are the first pictures of the Range Rover LRX in action.

The spy pictures were taken near Land Rover's headquarters in the Midlands and this LRX is one of around 10 prototypes undergoing testing ahead of the car's launch at the Paris motor show in the autumn. Each model is believed to be running a different psychedelic disguise.

LRX is only a codename for the car at present, although its final production name has yet to be decided. The LRX will be built at Land Rover's Halewood plant in Merseyside and will be the first Land Rover to be offered with optional two-wheel drive, although only four-wheel drive models will be available from launch.

The LRX is similar to the VW Golf in size, although Land Rover has gone for style over practicality with its design.

All versions of the LRX are likely to use a version of the Freelander’s drivetrain, with a revised specification of that car’s PSA-sourced 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine producing around 185bhp. It will also be the first manual Range Rover since 2002, because a six-speed manual 'box will be standard. The front-drive model will emit less than 130g/km of CO2; four-wheel-drive LRXs will emit around 140g/km.

The LRX will enter production next year and will be priced from around £35,000; front-drive models will cost around £5000 less.

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SKH 6 June 2010

Re: Range Rover LRX: first pics

LRX doesn't make sense for a name as it's no longer going to be badged Land Rover, so how about RANGE ROVER SPRINT? Anyone from JLR care to comment?

cimardinius 23 May 2010

Re: Range Rover LRX: first pics

I wonder will LR make a right-hand drive version for sale in Europe?

It would seem to me that it might not be worth their while - the left-hand drive one should sell well enough in the UK and India, but I cannot see many being sold in Europe. This car is too small to appeal to the usual suspects - organized crime figures (Mafia and/or Bankers), but a few might be sold to their molls.

Certainly, it is ugly and vulgar enough looking to sell in the USA, so that might justify a right hand drive version, but there is always the threat of Chrysler coming out with something even uglier, more vulgar and equally unreliable that would steal its market share....

There is another aspect of marketing that LR might not have fully thought through. It has been mentioned that this car is "Golf size." Do they not realise that much of their target market (wannabe women) have sunglasses that are bigger than that?

superstevie 23 May 2010

Re: Range Rover LRX: first pics

snorf wrote:
I don't understand the negativity.
Me neither! It looks fantastic to me! OK, so its looking like it will be an expensive car, and I don't really see the need for that. It should be starting around 22-23k for base 2wd model to compete with an X1, or even the countryman.