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Firm reveals 10 striking Range Rover Evoque prototypes that will take part in testing
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15 July 2010

Land Rover has revealed its latest fleet of Range Rover Evoque prototypes as the firm’s new entry-level luxury off-roader enters its final stages of development.

The 10 prototypes each have their own distinctive livery as the firm aims to drum up interest in the car in 10 key cities around the world, introducing it to the markets.

See pics of the new Range Rover Evoque prototypes

Testing will take place from bases in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Sydney, Shanghai and Moscow. Each prototype has its own livery with the name of the city on the side.

Other areas the firm plans to test the Evoque in include the Arctic, deserts, Germany’s Autobahn network and in Tokyo’s gridlocked city centre. A total of 17,000 components will be individually tested during the global testing programme, encompassing “millions of miles”.

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Land Rover has released few technical details, although it has confirmed that the car will be available in two and four-wheel drive, and that some models will emit less than 130g/km of CO2.

The Evoque is being described as a "global car"; Land Rover says it will be sold in more than 160 countries. It will be made at Halewood, creating up to 1000 new jobs at the Liverpool facility.

See the first spy pics of the Range Rover Evoque five-door

The Evoque will reach Land Rover showrooms next summer.

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15 July 2010

Two things erk me with this great looking car and makes me ask these questions

  • Why does it cost so much? is it that they can get away with it?
  • Why do they need to hire Posh Spice, don't they think it is good enough and also will this make it more appealing to the more feminine of the car fraternity and put a lot of blokes off it?

15 July 2010

We blokes will buy it because we all love Posh Spice - mmmm - a woman who looks like a deep-fried lolly stick with two Malteasers stuck on the front ....

15 July 2010

Since Range Rover has already revealed how the car looks what is the point of these 'disguised' models?

15 July 2010

And what are they 'testing' this late in the day? Supposing consumer reaction were hostile they are, presumably, stuck with it now and will put it on sale anyway.

15 July 2010

I go back to my original comment though why do they need Victoria Beckham to help sell this car and wont it put a few blokes off buying it?

15 July 2010

[quote bomb]Since Range Rover has already revealed how the car looks what is the point of these 'disguised' models?[/quote]

They're not disguised, they're being placed in each city wrapped in a map of that particular one.

15 July 2010

Yeah, I read the PR and still don't get it..

15 July 2010

Judging by the colour schemes and the association of 'design by gay-icon Vicky Beckham' notoriety this should have Hello Ducky! or Hello Big-boy! written on the side - at least they'd be honest with their apparent intention to chase 'metrosexual man' and the pink pound as their customer. How low can a car manufacturer go? Audi's A1 Justin Timberlake thing was cringe-making but this by Land Rover will just evoque ridicule, and of course was timed by L/Rover's PR to queer the pitch for the new X3's unveiling. Bravo Land Rover. Desperation is not a good quality. Has Carl Peter-Forster done a Sven Ericsson/Fabio Capello and taken the job for a tidy, cynical pension pot top-up? Yes.

15 July 2010

This livery proves that the car is targeted at city dwellers and goes against the grain of everything their PR would say.

CSK would turn in his grave as he hated the idea of his beloved Range Rover being marketed as a town car.

15 July 2010

Even with those strange graphics on it still looks a lot more desirable than the 3 series station wagon on stilts (a la X3), it has to if it costs the rumoured 5k more.

It will be really interesting to see what JLR can pull off with the interiors.


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