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Mazda releases a new variant of its CX-5 to target the fleet market, while Ford shows its self-parking and obstacle-avoidance technologies
Darren Moss
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9 October 2013

A new variant of the Mazda CX-5 compact SUV has been introduced. New SE-L Lux trim adds a sunroof, heated front seats and leather trim to the car, with Mazda expecting the car to be a big hit with fleets and company car drivers. The CX-5 SE-L-Lux costs from £24,495 - a £1200 premium over the SE-L version.

A prototype Ford Focus with assisted parking and obstacle-avoidance technology is being tested. The company says its self-parking system can be operated from inside or outside the car via a remote control. Both technologies are likely to be used on production cars in the future.

Peugeot is predicting high residual values for its new 308 hatchback. The company says that some models have a residual value of 34.40 per cent after three years, compared to the segment average of 32.69 per cent. 


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9 October 2013

I am sorry but I laughed when I saw high residual value and the figure of 34%, I was expecting something over 40% at least!


9 October 2013

Some 308 models getting higher than class average residuals probably means that the list price on those models will be a more realistic sale price. If that is the case then 34.4% is still dire. From Mr Cackett's blog, the prices quoted could give less dealer margin than class average.
Better is the average of 32.69% if you can generally get 10% discount. In that example the residual is 36.32% of the price you actually pay.

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