Currently reading: 'Pure and timeless' theme for next S-class
The design themes previewed on Mercedes' 'Aesthetics S' sculpture in Paris will be translated into a concept car

A new concept car that will preview the next-generation Mercedes S-class will be unveiled early next year, design chief Gorden Wagener has confirmed. 

Mercedes revealed a virtual ‘Aesthetics S’ sculpture at the recent Paris show that first previewed the new S-class, and its themes are expected to be translated into a physical concept car.

Wagener said the design of the new S-class would be “pure and timeless”, combining traditional and new design ethics.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is cutting production of the current S-class in the wake of falling sales as it prepares for the launch of the all-new model later next year.


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BenC30 29 October 2012

Kim-Jong Il, Hitler and Idi

Kim-Jong Il, Hitler and Idi Amin all preferred Mercedes-Benz. I guess it goes to show what type of mentality you have to have to buy one!

Lanehogger 27 October 2012

I hope the current styling

I hope the current styling theme, started off with the B-Class, translates better to Merc's next generation of saloons than the previous one, which led to the current C, E and S-Class' and CLS all looking awkward and gawky.

catnip 27 October 2012

If they want pure and

If they want pure and timeless they'll presumably avoid the fussy, over complicated side sculpting of models such as the A and B class.