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British design house creates custom version of Land Rover’s 542bhp luxury brute

The Project Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car is a bespoke version of Land Rover’s 542bhp V8 SUV that can be built to custom specification by the Bradford-based design house.

The pictured car is a complete example that has new trim and design features without infringing on Land Rover’s manufacturer warranty. It's on sale now, priced from £124,999.

It has light blue trim that lines the front bumper, grille and side gills, while the whole body of the car is coated in a paint colour called Volcanic Rock Satin.


There are also wider wheel arches that been fitted to front and rear to accommodate 23in alloy wheels.

Inside, there are new seats with quilted perforated leather, while the dashboard gains black leather trim that also lines the doors.

Project Kahn is keen to stress that its new car, which costs £27,219 more than the regular Range Rover Sport SVR, is not just rarer than a regular model, but also offers stronger residual values.

The Pace Car model comes soon after Project Kahn founder and boss, Afzal Kahn, hit back at Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's design director, who said that his brand’s SVO division would put aftermarket design companies out of business.


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Kahn, whose company began redesigning cars in 2003, said: “If you look at what the manufacturers are doing now, we were doing that 10 years ago. The [customisation options] they’re offering now are exactly what we were doing back in the 2000s.”

Kahn believes his company’s role is therefore to push the boundaries of design where manufacturers might not immediately want to go. But, as this new model shows, it aims to retain Land Rover’s original design philosophy in its cars.

“Unlike some other design houses we make sure we keep to the original Land Rover look and just add to it,” continued Kahn. “I think brands like us are good for Land Rover, because we bring in new customers."

Callum Poole and Sam Sheehan

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Northern Giraffe 2 May 2017

At which point....

At which point, when you look at the front end of the car, does it suddenly morph into one of the evil transformers?
TS7 29 April 2017

Subcontinental descendants...

...will be forming a disorderly queue.
Macca 1 May 2017

Descendants of Colonial and all that...

Will not afford to form a 'orderly' queue.
Pietro Cavolonero 4 June 2020

define subcontinental descendants..

By that I take it to mean those of Indian descent? Racist? Probably and nothing to do with taste, design or cars. Piss off back to the EDL nobhead

Spanner 29 April 2017


I showed it to my 9 year old son. He thinks it's cool. He'd prefer flames up the side though he said.