Currently reading: Porsche yet to sign off Ferrari 458-beating supercar
Porsche bosses remain cool on whether the firm will bring its plans for a new junior supercar, internally dubbed 988, to market
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15 November 2014

Porsche boss Matthias Müller revealed his dream of a mid-engined supercar positioned between the 911 and 918 Spyder in 2011, not long after taking the reins.

However, it now seems that the project for a Ferrari 458 rival hasn’t progressed much further than early feasibility studies.

Reports suggested that a decision was due in mid-2014, but Porsche has yet to officially reveal if the project has a future or not. The model, dubbed 988, was expected to be powered by a 4.0-litre eight-cylinder engine producing in the region of 600bhp alongside more than 400lb ft of torque.

However, insiders recently told Autocar that the idea remains on the wish list, but full-scale design and engineering work is on ice while Porsche works on the new Panamera - which is due to come to market in 2016 - the new Cayenne, and new engines and transmissions, as well as refreshing the Boxster/Cayman and 911

Sitting in a four-strong family of Porsche models, the 988 would have been joined by a new eight-cylinder supercar, which was planned to go on sale in 2017. The plan was part of Porsche's strategy to reach annual sales of 200,000 units per year in the medium term.

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15 November 2014

..Porsche yet to sign off Ferrari 458-beating supercar..

What about the upcoming 911 GT3 RS?

15 November 2014
This should be 'Porsche yet to sign off last nail in the coffin for 911'.

17 November 2014
Cobnapint wrote:

This should be 'Porsche yet to sign off last nail in the coffin for 911'.

I don't think so, it should but no, read my other general comment. The love for the 911 seems to go deeper than simple logic. The 918, at just over half the price of the LaFerrari, has not yet sold out, yet its Italian and British rivals are all spoken for.

This obviously had to make Porsche think twice about a 458-priced rival.

15 November 2014
Porsche has got themselves tied down by a self imposed 'evolutionary' look. Hence a series of very predictable and unadventurous designs since the 996. Where's the bravado of the original 928 ?(the fact that it was not a big success was not due to its looks) Seldom has the saying 'you are the victims of the rules you live by' been more applicable.

15 November 2014
They tried to kill off the 911 years ago with the 928 and it didn't work.
Part of the lure of the 911 has been its unconventional approach with the rear engine,but is that finally ending? Perhaps not,as we have seen nothing about a front engined SWB Panamera coupe.
Its cousin the R8 fills this niche,why bother with this?unless [and of course it is] brand and marketing snobbery.Kill the 911 off I say,it has had a good run,modern FWD sports cars [F-Type,AMG -GT.TTRS] are much more practical.Have you tried getting golf clubs in a 911?!

16 November 2014
Madmac - I think you'll find that the F Type, and AMG GT are RWD and the TTRS is AWD, although based on a FWD architecture. FWD in sportscars like the last Lotus Elan has never met with much acceptance and could never have enough traction to effectively transfer the kind of power outputs in the cars you list to the road. A rear engined RWD car makes a lot of sense as it's weight distribution gives it a lot of traction and electronics and modern tyre technology have tamed it's sometimes tricky on limit handling.Porsche offers AWD as an option for the 911 in any case. The rear engined layout enables the 911 to remain relatively compact whilst offering useable (for kids or small adults anyway) rear seating. If you try one you will also find that it is still a drivers machine of the very highest order. And golf clubs will fit in if you fold the rear seats. i used to fit a mountain bike in mine....

16 November 2014
I was under the impression that Autocar was a publication with a reputation for objective journalism but that seems to have been abandoned by a headline stating "Porsche yet to sign off Ferrari 458-beating supercar", a car that doesn't even exist yet but Autocar seems to be already certain of its dynamic superiority already as this quote is not attributed to anyone from Porsche or any other source. This seems to fit in with a current Porsche bias at Autocar at the moment, just count up the Porsche related stories currently on this site.

16 November 2014
Chill out chilly, 458-beating is Porsche's intended role for the car, not Autocar's opinion of it.

16 November 2014
Thanks for that 275not599 so here's one for next weeks copy..... KIA yet to sign off Range Rover beating 4x4 or maybe Suzuki not yet signed off Porsche 911 beater...... I know what Porsche or any other manufacturer intends but that means bugger all until they actually deliver it and Autocar's job is to report facts not provide headlines full of someone else's suppositions!

16 November 2014
It ain't going to happen! The market for this class of car is crowded and shrinking unfortunately, you can get similar performance but better emissions (the all important Co2) from a flat-6. I do hope I'm wrong though, this car could of been great.


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