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New boss admits Panamera and 911 parts could be used by other VW brands to share costs

Porsche is prepared to share the Panamera and 911 platforms with other Volkswagen Group brands, according to new boss Michael Macht.

Macht said Porsche will pursue co-operative projects now that it
is part of VW. “Porsche needs to become a strong pillar of VW, as well as having its own production and research and development capabilities. It is important to 
use synergies as well as having independence,” he said.

Hi-res Porsche 911 Turbo pictures

These synergies include Porsche components being offered to sister firms. “The Panamera platform could be used by other brands for models that are in development and at the concept stage,” Macht said.

When asked if the 911 platform was also on the table, Macht said it “could be made available to other VW brands”. But apart from the Cayenne’s V6, Porsche will not use any other VW Group engines. “Engine development is a core value for Porsche,” Macht said.

Following its failed attempt to 
take over VW, Porsche is now concentrating on riding out the global downturn. Before the credit crunch the firm was targeting sales of 150,000 cars a year. But this year sales have slid by 24 per cent to just over 75,000. Porsche will attempt to pursue its original target with its three basic model families (Cayenne, Panamera and 911/Boxster) but it is also looking at further additions to the range.

“Any new model would have to be exclusive, sporting and make a good business case. In any segment Porsche has to be the most exclusive, as well as being the best quality and capable of delivering the best driving experience,” Macht said.

In the near future, there will be a six-cylinder Panamera next year and, eventually, a hybrid and a diesel Panamera; the car’s 1800kg kerb weight is low for its market sector, so it’s a good candidate for increasing efficiency.

Porsche has also been looking at an electric car. “It would have to have the same driveability, performance, acceleration and the same range as a typical Porsche,” said Macht.

“The technology that exists now doesn’t fit with Porsche requirements. It will be a minimum of two years before the technology is up to scratch.”

However, when it does, the Panamera could become the first Porsche platform to go electric.

Hilton Holloway

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RSkoda 24 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'must share platforms'

tannedbaldhead wrote:
Modern, high powered 911 based Skoda Rapid coupe? I think you have something with potential 38cars. Wonder if anyone from VAG or Porsche ever read Autocar Forum?

Skoda are working on a new Coupe, according to an earlier Autocar story :)

Platform sharing within the VW group isn't quite what it once was because they are moving to a modular technology which gives more individuality.

For example, the Roomster is half Fabia/half Octavia, Superb is modified Golf platform. Not just clones!

6th.replicant 23 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'must share platforms'

coolboy wrote:
But, if you do not mind, I would like to learn more about B&O and Brembo, can you please post the links?
No problem:

coolboy 23 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'must share platforms'

indeed I never pretended in the past to say that Brembo manufactures all the braking system.

Also, the braking system as many parts/sub-elements, as you know.

It`s well known that the ESP/ABS is supplied by Bosch and the brake pads are usually from Mintex or Pagid (TMD group)

Nowadays, it`s the same story everywere, there`s no exceptions in the automotive scene.

But, if you do not mind, I would like to learn more about B&O and Brembo, can you please post the links?