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Has Porsche let its new Cayenne slip out ahead of its launch?

This could be the first picture of the Porsche Cayenne - although company officials are refusing to confirm it.

The image is reported to have appeared on Porsche's online configurator website earlier today, before being hastily removed. A Porsche spokesman refused to comment on the pictures.

See the leaked Porsche Cayenne image, and the Porsche online configurator page

Autocar has already ridden in the new Porsche Cayenne, and full details can be found by following the link below.

Porsche Cayenne exclusive - full details

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Stephen Guckel 18 February 2010

Re: Porsche Cayenne 'pictured'

In 2003 the Australians did a test in the outback of all the 'Gerry off roaders'.

The M class did not far too well, it broke down, the X5 got stuck then broke down and the Cayenne actually got to it's top speed.

It was a clear winner.

ryaner 18 February 2010

Re: Porsche Cayenne 'pictured'

cfherd wrote:
Sorry, I didn't intend to point the finger at yourself. I was trying to focus on the general negativity towards the looks of such cars on here and in various other motoring journalism.

I agree with you. While the styling is hardly a classic in my opinion, if they are specced nicely, they can be quite nice looking. I do not think it is the monstrosity described by many readers. It reminds of the Ferrari 612 scaglietti reviews, where autocar said: "The most broadly talented Ferrari ever? Probably. If the 612 was beautiful — and every tester had reservations about the styling and aesthetics of the interior — this would undoubtedly be an effortless five-star car, for the dynamics and packaging deserve nothing less." Surely knocking the car from a effortless 5 stars to a 4 star verdict over its styling was a bit excessive on a subjective matter. Personally, I did not like the looks of the 612 until i saw a nice grey one in the flesh, and actually found it very appealling. Far more discreet than a bentley, which is a surprise for a Ferrari.

Also, having driven a previous generation Turbo, I have to agree with the others on this forum, it is quite simply an outstanding achievement to make 4x4 drive as well as this one does.

Jon Hardcastle 18 February 2010

Re: Porsche Cayenne 'pictured'

VirginPower wrote:

Although this may not be Offroader Weekly or whatever it's called, surely if Autocar appraises a car, it should do so in the environment for which the vehicle is allegedly designed.

hurrah, this is something I have banged on about before. Surely the point of such vehicles first and foremost is to go off road. Yes they also have to be good on road but going back through history off road was the preserve of these cars. As times change I understand that 99% of people stay on road for say 95% of the time and when off road really don't challenge the cars capability, therefore, why offer 4 x 4 vehicles with all the weight and cost to those who don't need it. 2wd will suit almost everyone while still offering the same attributes of ride height, load lugging, space etc. while paying less road tax due to the lower weight and CO2. Does this not make sense?