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Performance Lexus to be run by Roads Crime Section

The Lexus IS-F has been chosen by Humberside police force as its high-performance pursuit car of choice.

The force currently uses Subarus, but has spent the past 12 months evaluating alternatives for use by the Roads Crime Section.

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The Lexus IS-F will now be equipped with £30,000 worth of on-board computers and communications equipment for use by the police.

Sergeant Mike Peck, of the Humberside Police Roads Crime Section, said, “The purchase of the vehicle was far from an easy decision and involved research and advice from the force fleet manager, financial managers and a vehicle dynamics expert.

"The Lexus was tested during a 12-month period, along with similar vehicles, and proved itself to be ideally suited in providing a dynamically safe high-performance chassis along with an electronically stable platform for the computer equipment. In the past this equipment has placed huge demands on vehicles, but the Lexus IS-F easily met with our requirements."

The Lexus IS-F is powered by a 417bhp 5.0-litre V8 engine capable of reaching 62mph in 4.8sec. It will still have its top speed electronically limited to 168mph, as with the standard road car.

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