Faster, lighter and more hardcore Boxster to gon on sale in February 2010
20 November 2009

Porsche has released new pictures of its faster, lighter and more hardcore version of the Boxster, the Spyder.

The Boxster Spyder will make its motor show debut at next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, before going on sale in the UK in February 2010. The location of its unveiling is a clever one; stripped-out ‘Speedster’ versions of the Porsche 356, and of various 911s, have found an eager following on the west coast of America over the years.

See the hi-res pics of the Porsche Boxtser Spyder

Based on the current Boxster S, the Spyder will become the third and ultimate version of the car; it’s no limited-run special edition. It gets modest power and torque hikes over the Boxster S, running instead the same 3.4-litre engine and tune as the current Cayman S, which develops 315bhp at 7200rpm and 273lb ft at 4750rpm.

Contributing just as greatly to this car’s improved performance will be the weight-saving regime Porsche has put it though. The Spyder is 80kg lighter than a regular Boxster S, and its 247bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio compares impressively to that of a regular Boxster S (227bhp-per-tonne), a Cayman S (233bhp per tonne) - even an entry-level 911 Carrera (241bhp-per-tonne).

There are signs of that weight-saving programme all over this car. Up front, the regular Boxster’s daytime running lights and fog lamps have been removed and blanked off. At the rear, the car’s automatic roof system has been completely taken out, replaced with a lighter, manually-operated canopy-style roof and new “double-bubble” style rear deck.

Porsche’s weight-saving programme leaves an equally noticeable legacy inside the Spyder’s cabin. A pair of lighter and more supportive bucket seats take the place of the standard Boxster S’ chairs, and belt-like door pulls replace the regular car’s interior doorhandles. There is no air conditioning as standard and no CD/radio, although buyers will be able to option these systems. The car does feature electric door mirrors and electric windows.

Our Verdict

Porsche Boxster

Does bigger mean better for Porsche’s third-generation Boxster soft-top sports car, and which of its variants has the edge over the others?

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Equipped with Porsche PDK double-clutch gearbox and Sport Chrono Plus package (which includes the all-important launch control), the Boxster Spyder will crack 62mph from launch in just 4.8sec – two tenths of a second quicker than a standard S. It’s slightly more fuel efficient than a Boxster S too, although because its roof must be removed for top speed runs, it has a higher co-efficient of drag and a slightly more modest top speed of 166mph.

The Boxster Spyder’s chassis will have a more focused, sporting specification and set-up than a Boxster S’, although exact details on that remain to be confirmed. Expect a lower ride height, stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, and fixed rate dampers weighing less per corner than Porsche’s sophisticated PASM dampers.

Exterior design flourishes unique to the Boxster Spyder include restyled air intakes in its front valance and on its flanks, a new high-level brake light at the rear and an extended rear spoiler. On the inside, a body-coloured transmission tunnel and fascia accent set the car apart.

Matt Saunders

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5 November 2009

The rear looks weird. Thought a spider would also receive a lower windscreen, this one looks normal, too bad.

5 November 2009

This specification looks suspiciously like a Boxster Club Sport rather than a Roadster!

More importantly, does this mean we may see a Cayman Clubbie despite Porsche's denials?!?!

Oh please yes!!!



It's all about the twisties........

5 November 2009

Looks like another "less for more" trick from Porsche to me ...

There must be more versions of the Boxster than the Elise by now ;o)


5 November 2009

"...and belt-like door pulls replace the regular car’s interior doorhandles. There is no air conditioning as standard and no CD/radio, although buyers will be able to option these systems." reads the Autocar article. No interior door handles? No air conditioning? No radio/CD? I know I'm being very cynical, but are Porsche really trying to save weight or save production costs? How much can interior door handles weight or cost? Ditto air conditioning. Car magazine are quoting the UK list price as £44,643 - it just seems Porsche think they can put their badge on anything - regardless of equipment levels and people will buy it (which they probably will). Am I also correct in thinking there is no hardtop with the car - or will that be a four-figure ££££ optional extra/genuine accessory? Or perhaps no hardtop available at all?

All that said, I think the car looks really good and the rear deck especially is very smart. I don't like the Boxster or Cayman but I do think this is the best of Porsche's junior range. I just wish Porsche would be less arrogant with their pricing and less mean with their standard equipment.

I shall now await my online lynching.

5 November 2009

[quote R32]I shall now await my online lynching.[/quote] Not from me. This is how the Boxster should have looked from Day 1. The unhappy junction of roofline and boot has been beautifully sorted. Odd how successful it is considering how minging all other recent Porsche Speedsters have been.

5 November 2009

"This specification looks suspiciously like a Boxster Club Sport rather than a Roadster!"

I agree with you TegTypeR.

And where are the limit slip diff, the genuine unswitchable PSM?

5 November 2009

[Always preferred the Cayman to the Boxter , but this looks much better. Door pulls remind me of the Alfasud ! But with no radio, what does one plug ones' I-pod into ?

5 November 2009

Weight saving is great, and it can help production costs if it means not fitting things like air con which is very heavy and expensive.

5 November 2009

BOXSTER not Boxtser

20 November 2009

While I have never been a fan of the Boxstre this new incarnation of the Bostexr is a welcome addition. Although the Botsxer is a few kilos lighter you should be able to notice the difference in grip levels that this Botexsr has over the old Bosexrt. As I am sure everyone will agree this new Bestoxr is great. Keep up the good work Portch and long live the Bertsox.


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