New estate model caught in action for the first time; Paris motor show launch next month
18 August 2010

Volkswagen will take the wraps off a new Passat saloon and estate at the Paris motor show.

Development of the new car is now at an advanced stage, although this is the first time the estate model has been caught in action, as well as being the first time the Passat has been spied testing in the US.

See the first spy pics of the new VW Passat estate

VW is classing the Passat as a new model, but essentially it will be a thorough re-style and re-engineering job in the same mould as the shift from the Mk5 to the current Mk6 Golf.

It will use the same platform and body as the current Passat, although there will be substantial changes to the front and rear ends, and the car will grow slightly in size as a result.

At the front, there will be a stylish, new four-bar grille and a new bonnet, while a Golf-style full-width lower air-intake gives the car a much wider and lower stance. Squarer headlights will also feature at the front, while there will also be changes to the rear light clusters and bumper designs, as well as trim changes.

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The interior will also be overhauled; perceived quality will be boosted with new trim materials and dashboard features from the premium Passat CC. Other interior changes will include a new, sportier steering wheel and centre console, plus a more upmarket instrument pack.

The engine range is likely to be similar to today’s line-up, featuring 1.4 and 1.8 TSI petrol engines alongside 1.6 and 2.0 TDI diesel units. The niche 3.6-litre V6 R36 model is likely to be dropped.

Our Verdict

Volkswagen Passat 2011-2014

The VW Passat is a competent family car - but does it show any flair, and does it stand out amongst established executive saloons from BMW, Audi and Mercedes?

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18 August 2010

I used to have one as a company car, the current style. What a dull, but extremely capable car.

18 August 2010

Is it me or are VWs getting duller?

18 August 2010

[quote RobotBoogie]Is it me or are VWs getting duller?

Its not just you!

18 August 2010

[quote Autocar]The VW Passat is going to look exactly like the VW Golf, only 10% bigger and 10% more expensive.[/quote] Surprise surprise

18 August 2010

[quote RobotBoogie]Is it me or are VWs getting duller?[/quote] Definetely not just you. They are very dull, and the current passat is one of the dullest cars I've ever had. I doubt that the new one will be any different

18 August 2010

What about 1.2 TSI? I´ve read that this engine will be avalaible as an entry level - replacement of 1.6 MPI

18 August 2010

This is supposed to be new?? I'd treat this as a facelift to be honest. Same chassis, same engines, basically the same car bar being tarted up a bit! What a joke!

I think it will be less convincing in persuading people this is a "new" car. VW have managed it with the Golf, but I think this is taking the biscuit putting it politely.

Why can't you just shake things up a bit VW - I know so many people who say the new Golf is dull, I've driven it and it is pretty dull. Comforts all well and good but come on, there should be some excitement too.

Step into a Honda Civic (mine is a company car about to go back) and you can't help but laugh at what VAG are sending over here! Bland bland bland. And now they seem to be cutting costs by heavily facelifting cars and calling them "the all new .....".

Why does this nation drop its trousers for the Germans well and truly?

18 August 2010

Here is the entire current worldwide VW model range for your pleasure...

18 August 2010

I wonder what the front of it will look like......

18 August 2010

The Superb estate looks a whole lot more stylish!


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