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HH customer reveals details about his one-off special edition

The one-off Pagani Zonda HH built for an anonymous US customer has been revealed.

The convertible HH uses many of the same parts as the standard car, but combines all the best, and lightest, parts made for special editions of the Italian supercar.

See pics of the Pagani Zonda HH

These include a carbon-titanium tub, ceramic-titanium exhaust and carbon-ceramic brakes. As a result of these changes, the HH is expected to weigh around 1200 kg, although no official figure has been given.

It is powered by the Zonda Cinque’s AMG-sourced V12, mated to a manual gearbox.

The HH is finished in Monterey Blue and will not have the rear-mounted air intake seen on other production Zondas.

The identity of the customer has not yet revealed, but the letters HH represent the future owner's initials. The is expected to be delivered by the end of the year.


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Skornogr4phy 8 August 2010

Re: Pagani Zonda HH revealed

Hugh Heffner has a NICE new daily driver.

Straight Six Man 4 August 2010

Re: Pagani Zonda HH revealed

Peter Cavellini wrote:
do you think the new 458Italis would look good without a roof?

Nope, the only way a 458 is ever going to look good is once it's had one of the following happen to it:

  • Been crashed
  • Is on fire (possibly as a consequence of a crash)
  • Has been crushed

The Zonda is, at least, appealing.

Peter Cavellini 4 August 2010

Re: Pagani Zonda HH revealed

It's not that i hate the Zonda's, it's just that i think it's one of these cars that doesn't lend itself too not having a roof, it looks unbalanced shape-wise, cars like this rarely look as good without a roof, for example do you think the new 458Italis would look good without a roof?, no, i don't either, so you could say some car do and some cars don't and the Zonda is one of them which makes Pagani a bespoke car maker,ie, if you've got he cash we'll build it for you!.