Hardcore version of Pagani's Huayra coupé gets new aerodynamic bodywork, lightweight components and more power from its V12 engine
Darren Moss
19 February 2016

The Pagani Huayra BC, a more powerful, hardcore version of the Italian firm’s Huayra supercar, has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

The BC’s name refers to Benny Caiola, a property magnate who is said to have been a major inspiration for Horacio Pagani. Caiola was the first customer to buy a Pagani car, so this limited run of Huayra models is being dedicated to him.

Most notable about the new model is its large fixed rear wing and front splitter, something which Pagani says is designed to maximise aerodynamic efficiency. The Huayra BC shares no single body panel with the regular Huayra road car and features active aerodynamics.

Power for the hardcore Huayra comes from the same Mercedes-AMG-built 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine, which produces in excess of 740bhp at 6200rpm alongside 738lb ft of torque at 4000rpm. That’s 10bhp more than the standard Huayra. As in the current car, drive is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed automated manual transmission, but Pagani says it has modified the clutch control programme to allow for greater accuracy.

A new electronic active differential features on the Huayra BC, allowing the car to adapt to a variety of surfaces and driving situations. Pagani says the result is a “highly rewarding and dynamic experience that always inspires confidence”. The gearbox and differential weigh approximately 40% less than a current dual-clutch set-up.

The car’s sports exhaust is said to be substantially lighter than that used for the regular Huayra while also providing an “even more intense and exciting” sound. Other enhancements for the Huayra BC include new tripod axle drive shafts, derived from Le-Mans Prototype racing, which Pagani claims is capable of transferring power far more efficiently than any other system.

The Huayra BC’s suspension components are described as being the lightest and most effective ever applied to a high-performance car and are made from a lightweight aluminium alloy. The new components are up to 25% lighter than those used on the regular Huayra, and have been redesigned to reduce weight and add strength, something with Pagani says translates into “a noticeable increase in the dynamic capabilities of the car, being even more responsive and reactive than before”.

Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes provide the stopping power, while the Huayra BC features a new driving mode as part of its ESP system. As well as existing ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ settings, a new ‘track’ mode optimises the car’s traction control settings for performance driving.

The Huayra sits on lightweight alloys, with 20in wheels fitted to the front and 21in wheels fitted to the rear, all shod in Pirelli P Zero Corsa rubber. Customers can also specify the Huayra R with 19in and 20in wheels and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres for track driving.

Inside, the stripped-out interior of the Huayra BC is designed with weight saving in mind. An electronic parking brake replaces the old mechanical version while the steering wheel is now trimmed with suede leather.

All up, the new Huayra BC weighs in at 1218kg - 132kg less than the Huayra. While Pagani hasn’t released any performance figures for the new car, it’s expected to improve on the Huayra’s 0-62mph sprint time of 3.2 seconds, and its 230mph top speed. Prices should also rise from the Huayra’s £666,000.

Pagani says the new Huayra BC has been “conceived primarily as a road car that will give maximum exhilaration and performance during track days and special events,” with inspiration coming from the Zonda R and Zonda Clinique.

Described as being “the most technologically advanced Huayra Coupé yet,” the Huayra BC includes technology which will be applied to Pagani’s models in the future.

Interestingly, Pagani says it will not follow other car makers in producing models with hybrid propulsion - as seen on the latest generation of hypercars including the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. Instead, Pagani says it will focus on creating “the lightest, globally homologated, hypercar”, developing chassis and suspension systems from its motorsport activities and creating an all-new automated manual transmission.

Our Verdict

Pagani Huarya

To get a Pagani Huayra on your drive will cost the best part of a million euros. Can it really be worth it?

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19 February 2016
If only...

19 February 2016
One of the funnier results of auto spell correction. I suppose there we're cosmetic differences.

19 February 2016
Sensational in every way. If the weight figures are correct it's 350kg or so lighter that a P1 with less power and more torque. This will be close in a straight line and Pagani know how to do the twisty bits. I was expecting a fair bit more bhp though. Pure art.

19 February 2016
This is being reported as having ~800HP and 800+ lb/ft by other publications...

19 February 2016
"Sensational in every way....." except one of the key 5 human senses: sight. I much admire Horacio Pagani, but the Huayra is no Miura....nor LP400 Countach...nor Carabo....nor Managusta....nor 458....In fact, it's freaking well gopping....


20 February 2016
BertoniBertone wrote:

"Sensational in every way....." except one of the key 5 human senses: sight. I much admire Horacio Pagani, but the Huayra is no Miura....nor LP400 Countach...nor Carabo....nor Managusta....nor 458....In fact, it's freaking well gopping....

Hyper car fans probably don't care how their cars look, only how fast they look. This car does communicate to the world its speed even though it's no oil painting.

19 February 2016
That rear spoiler is awful.

19 February 2016
I hope they didn't use lighters for the suspension components. I guess that is supposed to say lightest?

20 February 2016
Perhaps Mr Pagani has a different strategi 4 the future? No hybrid tech. Sounds interesting!





20 February 2016
While Cars of this ilk are truly exciting in every sense,in the real World of Day to Day driving,aren't the current crop of hat hatch enough?,for £30K you can have a Car that isn't that far behind a super car,the top speed,well that irrelevant isn't it?,and is just as comfortable too.

Peter Cavellini.


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