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Self-cleaning car tech on new Note is being trialled for future aftermarket use; Nissan claims it could put an end to the weekly car wash

Nissan has unveiled what is says is the world's first self-cleaning car technology.

The firm has painted its Note supermini with new super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paintwork, which Nissan says repels mud, rain and everyday dirt.

The technology could quickly render washing a car a thing of the past, says the company. Nissan plans to test the Note in a variety of conditions over the coming months, before deciding whether to make it an aftermarket option for its cars.

Dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry technology, the paint works by creating a protective layer of air between the paint and the environment. Nissan claims the paint stops dirty marks created by road spray and standing water from clinging to the car.

Nissan has previously trailed a 'self-cleaning' coating on its rear-view camera systems. That technology used water and compressed air to keep the camera lens free of dirt.

See the new technology in action in the video below:


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MobiusDickius 21 September 2019

Wow, that's fantastic! A very

Wow, that's fantastic! A very handy option but I bet it's won't be cheap. Drivers will still prefer common ways of cleaning their cars. For instance, a pressure washer for car will remain in demand for quite long I guess because it's easy to use and its efficiency is high. By the way, how do you clean your cars?

n50pap 26 April 2014

Perhaps garages will be able to clean the car properly now!

My garage insists on jet-washing the car...whether it's dirty or not. They also leave detergent spots on the bodywork, since they never rinse it properly. I normally use a microfibre glove and water only and achieve an excellent result. Of course, unlike garages, I'm particular about my car.
bomb 25 April 2014


Ah, the video explains it...the press photos were crap. Same idea self-cleaning glass then, repels rather than cleans. I wonder how it copes with Saharan dust, does that just blow away when you drive?