Brand teamed up with the European Space Agency to create the perfect car-trailer combo to view the night sky
Jimi Beckwith
19 September 2018

Nissan has revealed the Navara Dark Sky Concept - a highly modified version of its Navara pick-up designed to transport astronomers to remote locations to observe the night sky. 

The car gets Nissan’s semi-autonomous Propilot system, as well as enhanced blind spot warnings and around view monitors to aid the car when towing, taking into account the additional length of a specially made trailer. 

Also fitted is a system that automatically aligns the car with the trailer before hook-up, called Intelligent Towing Hitch Alignment. It takes control of the steering, acceleration and braking of the Navara akin to parking assistant systems already on the market. 

The trailer, which has a mechanised roof to protect the telescope and allow access when stargazing, contains a state-of-the-art Planewave telescope and other astronomical equipment, with a battery pack in both the car and the trailer catering for the additional electrical needs over the car’s battery. 

This allows laptops and scientific equipment to be used in the car without draining its battery, although there is also built-in wi-fi and a television signal transmitter, if broadcasting is required.

Nissan’s 2.3-litre diesel powertrain remains unchanged on the concept, with 187bhp and 332lb ft of torque on tap. The most notable mechanical revision to the car has been a 140mm raise in ride height, allowing better off-road ability. Large off-road wheels with knobbly tyres – 20in on the Navara and 16in on the trailer – also help in this regard. 

Inside, the car’s interior lighting has been replaced with red lighting, as red affects the night vision of humans the least. Reflective trim has been used on important parts of the car’s interior to aid access in low light without the need for a torch. 

Our Verdict

Third-generation Navara boasts cheaper running costs and promises crossover-like refinement thanks to a coil sprung rear axle

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Revealed at the Hannover motor show, the concept won’t make series production, although Nissan continues to expand its Propilot system into its other models. The towing-friendly features won't make it onto road-going cars for the forseeable future, though.  

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19 September 2018

Yep , tarted up Trucks are on the increase, as long as their done tastefully, then I’m fine with it.

Peter Cavellini.

19 September 2018
Peter Cavellini wrote:

Yep , tarted up Trucks are on the increase, as long as their done tastefully, then I’m fine with it.


Still not thinking before you post, are you Peter Captain Obvious Spam Your Name Everywhere Cavellini.

21 September 2018

Dark sky concept but it’s sat with its headlights and interior lights blazing. What kind of use is that to a dark night? 

25 September 2018

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