Company insiders admit design generates 'love or hate' reactions
25 November 2009

Nissan’s forthcoming Qazana baby SUV is a polarising design that generates “love or hate” reactions, according to company insiders.

Sources say the production version of the Qazana, due on sale in October 2010, is the beginning of new design era for Nissan.

“The Nissan brand is going to have a more attractive and emotional appeal in the future,” said one insider, “and the Qazana will start the process.”

The production car is said to retain the exaggerated proportions and much of the interior of the concept shown at this year’s Geneva show. But the source denied that the Qazana is a risky move.

“We have studied the market and customers extremely closely and are sure that it will be a success,” he said.

Nissan is keen to expand into Europe’s booming crossover market following the success of the Qashqai; it sold 183,294 examples last year.

The Qazana is based on the same platform as the Nissan Note. It is scheduled to be built at Nissan’s Sunderland plant, replacing the Micra supermini’s production line there.

The Sunderland plant has just announced plans to train up to 1000 unemployed people in anticipation of new jobs being created next year.

The plant will also become one of two European centres for battery production. It is hoping to produce the electric Leaf hatchback from 2011.

Hilton Holloway

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25 November 2009

-i think it is brilliant and I cannot wait for it, it is an absolutely fantastic car and as said, i really cannot wait for it to be out and about and on sale; what a great vehicle!

-well done Nissan, part of a new era indeed! go Nissan! i also think it was styled here in the UK; fantastic all round and it will be built here (as I understand) and UK engineers have been involved with its engineering; fantastic!! well done Nissan

25 November 2009

This is definately a good move from Nissan. It is about time somebody broke a design mould properly... presuming that the production version will look fairly similar to the concept.

25 November 2009

When company insiders say that their car will have a

[quote]design that generates “love or hate” reactions[/quote]

They really mean it will be


25 November 2009

styling will be totaly different to anything else on the road. nissan know some people (people that buy golfs focuses etc because its the safe option) wont have the cahoonas to buy it because it will stand out.

25 November 2009

Bizarre ! What are they smoking at Nissan these days?

25 November 2009

[quote Uncle Mellow]What are they smoking at Nissan these days?[/quote]

The finest cuban cigars if the qazana and cube are big sellers :)

25 November 2009

Just a few thoughts:

1. The show car is sitting on absolutely ginormous wheels. Even if the production car rolls out on standard 18 inches, it'll look quite a lot different.

2. Where does this fit into the Nissan range? Is it more 4x4 than a Qashqai but less than an X Trail?

3. If it turns out to simply be a kind of 4x4 coupe crossover, then I'd back it to be stacked a dozen deep at my local car supermarket by this time next year - the market reaction to the X6 shows, I think, that you can push the crossover thing too far.

4. But hey, kudos to Nissan for trying something potentially barking in the middle of a recession.

25 November 2009

Poor pabs is stunned speechless. From a personal perspective I'm not that keen on the design (but hey I wasn't that keen on the Bangle BMs or the Jag XF when they first came out and I like the look of both now, so who knows). I don't think Nissan will be overly concerned as middle aged and old farts are not the target market of this vehicle. I must conceed however that the design is the freshest, most original and bravest I have seen a major manufacturer put into production since the Ford Sierra and I hope Nissan reap the rewards as a result. Am sure yoofs will love it.

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