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Nissan claims that the UK’s fifth best-selling car will be cheaper to run with updates to improve emissions and BIK tax bands

The Nissan Nissan Qashqai now comes equipped with a cost-saving new tyre for 18in-wheeled models.

Nissan claims the low-resistance tyre brings the running costs of those cars down to that of cars with smaller 17in wheels. Larger alloys traditionally cause the car to have higher CO2 emissions.

The Qashqai is the UK's fifth best-selling car, read the rest here

The new tyres reduce the CO2 output of Qashqais in Acenta Premium Pack, N-Connecta and N-Vision specs by 4g/km, but reduces the emissions of the dCi 130 2WD Xtronic by 6g/km. All of the spec levels which have been subject to the tweak have also had their benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax bands reduced by 1%.

In addition to this, the vehicle excise duty (VED) of DIG-T 115 2WD manual, DIG-T 115 2WD Xtronic and dCi 130 4WD manual have also been downgraded, meaning a £130 saving per year for each.

A Nissan spokesman was unavailable to comment whether the tyres are more expensive than those they replace, or if models with other sizes of alloy may benefit from a similar tyre down the line. 


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The Apprentice 18 October 2016

Nissan trying to react to new

Nissan trying to react to new factors, for example Kia's Niro is a very good alternative to the Qashqai, same size, crossover style, lots of technology, but with lower emissions and lower company car tax due to its hybrid power-train. Nissan has just done this tweak to try to make its running costs compare a bit more favourably.
ZenBass 17 October 2016

Winter Tyres

On a slightly unrealted topic do you need to inform your insurance company if you switch to winter tyre.

My barge runs on 18s and I would swap for 16inch rims with winter tyres given the choice

PaulH 17 October 2016

Aerodynamic Drag versus fuel consumption

To slightly clarify LP's comments, although the aerodynamic drag goes up with the cube of speed, fuel consumption approximately goes up with its square, as you are travelling further in a given time period at a higher speed.