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The luxury version of Nissan's GT-R will now be dubbed Egoist and not Spec M, according to insiders

The forthcoming luxury variant of the Nissan GT-R will be called Egoist, Autocar understands.

Set to coincide with the launch of the facelifted GT-R later this year, the new version was due to carry the Spec M label before Nissan’s hierarchy had a change of heart.

According to one insider, the tag is inspired by both the Chanel perfume and the apparel maker of the same name.

“Yes, there’s a bit of tongue in cheek in the name, and yes, the word does mean self-conceited, but we just wanted to have some fun with the name,” said a spokesman.

Slated to land in Japanese showrooms on October 13 with a sticker price of 14 million yen (£108,000), the Egoist will incorporate a newly designed grille and bumper combination, along with a revised front intake duct.

The rumoured LED daylights will also appear on the front and rear bumpers to make the GT-R easier to see at high speeds. At the outer edges of the rear bumper, stylists have also fitted new vents, which are designed to dissipate heat from the transmission and exhaust system.

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Buyers will have the option of choosing two Recaro seats for a combined price of less than £7,000, which is in contrast to one of the same seats costing over £7k on the performance-oriented Spec V.

Based on the two current special versions, the Black Edition and the Premium Edition, the Egoist gets larger brake discs, up from 360 to 390mm and new lighter 10-spoke wheels.

Changes run fairly deep on the standard GT-R, too. For starters, a rigorous weight-saving programme means that the latest model tips the scales at 30 kilos lighter than the current car.

Thanks to modified turbos, oil cooler and exhaust system, the GT-R’s twin-turbo V6 now pumps out 506bhp at 6400rpm and produces 448lb ft of torque between 3200 and 5200rpm.

There are also tweaked gear ratios, while completing the changes are revised spring rates and rear suspension geometry – which, we are told, deliver a more compliant ride with sharper handling.

Peter Lyon

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MHanna 11 September 2010

Re: Nissan plans luxury GT-R 'Egoist'

So where does the luxury come in? Apart from the Recaros and a more compliant ride I see nothing new in the luxury department. And for twice the price? No way, my money would go on the standard car which isn't exactly short of bells and whistles. Sounds to me like Nissan is realising (thank you journalists) that they priced the car much lower than they could have and are now trying to sell substantially the same car for a whole lot more money.

jelly7961 8 September 2010

Re: Nissan plans luxury GT-R 'Egoist'

ahaus wrote:
I like this blast from the past:

Very clever! Love it!
Peter Cavellini 7 September 2010

Re: Nissan plans luxury GT-R 'Egoist'

I thought the idea was to lighten cars not make them heavier?