Future Fiat 500X rival will be sold first in Latin America before entering other global markets; UK sales remain unconfirmed

Nissan has revealed new pictures of its upcoming Kicks crossover, which will be produced for Latin markets this summer.

Inspired by the Kicks concept that made its debut at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in 2014, the new model will be sold first in Central and South America before entering more than 80 other global markets. Nissan is yet to confirm if the car will be produced for right-hand-drive markets including the UK.

Although no figures for the Kicks have been released, Nissan claims the model will have class-leading passenger space despite its coupé-like roofline. The concept on which it is based was 4300mm long and 1800mm wide, with a height of 1600mm; with similar dimensions, this would postion the production Kicks alongside models such as the Fiat 500X.

Inside, the dashboard features a centrally mounted 7.0in full-colour display and a smartphone-connectable infotainment system. Four externally-mounted cameras enable the display to show the area surrounding the car, revealing any unseen obstacles to aid parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Nissan Latin America chairman José Valls said the model has been designed with a Latin American focus because of rapidly increasing demand for compact crossovers in the region. “With Nissan Kicks, we will go beyond the obvious to pack a punch with a strong design statement and the performance that our customers crave," he said.

Keno Kato, corporate vice president of product planning, added: "Kicks will offer best-in-class design, convenience and technological innovation. And it will demonstrate Nissan’s commitment to Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Kicks is a car to confidently take on the city."

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Nissan Juke

With its exaggerated styling, the Nissan Juke takes the notion of a crossover in a new direction

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The Kicks will first be sold in Brazil from August, before expanding into other Latin markets in the following months.

The Kicks project was led by Nissan’s Global Design Centre in Japan but featured involvement from Nissan’s San Diego and Rio-based design teams. As such, the car maker says the finished product will be heavily influenced by the culture and fashion of Latin America. The model’s arrival has enabled Nissan to hire 600 new employees and introduce a second shift at its production facility in Resende, near Rio, in order to meet anticipated production demands. The facility, which was opened in 2014, has received close to £130 million worth of investment.


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6 January 2016
The Kicks looks rather more conventional and less funky than the Juke, if the concept becomes the production model. It should sell to more conservative customers who find the Juke, ahem, challenging. That said, I hate the Astra style c-pillar treatment, which is currently very much in fashion but will, I think, quickly become hackneyed. I hope its quality and dynamics will be better than the last small crossover to come from South America..

6 January 2016
but Kicks. Stop pretending that your customers are all in their twenties, teenage even. I would very reluctantly buy a car called Juke, I would certainly not buy one called Kicks, no matter how good it may be.

6 January 2016
I've never really been a fan of the current Juke's styling, this however looks a bit more muscular and adds a little more space that the Juke lacks. Now if its built for Latin America does that potentially mean simpler technology and a lower list price? If so it could make an interesting proposition if it came to the UK as long as it doesn't emulate the EcoSport...

7 January 2016
I partially agree with Shrubs, I do own Juke Nismo, great fun & a reasonable price, I'm a young OAP !!!! I like the look of this, & it's a little larger than the Juke, giving a bit more boot space. Lots more photo's on Carscoops.


8 January 2016
Is this a Juke replacement? Or is it to fit in between the Juke and Qashqai? I'm a little confused about where it will place in the Nissan line up

3 May 2016
South American version of a Juke maybe they should have called it Duke as in Duke of hazzard.

3 May 2016
Not sure I can see how this would fit into any lineup that already had the Qash'n'qarry in it?

3 May 2016
Tornadorot wrote:

Not sure I can see how this would fit into any lineup that already had the Qash'n'qarry in it?

It won't. This was designed for South America and other emerging markets. The Qashqai is sold as a " Premium " offering in those markets, and isn't even available in all ( or most )of them.

Don't really like the outside, but i wouldn't mind seeing that interior in the next Juke. Pretty well done.



4 May 2016
It doesn't look remotely like a coupe!

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