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Autocar exclusive pictures of Nissan's baby crossover
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23 March 2010

This is the radical new Nissan Juke crossover in previously unseen detail.

Autocar was given exclusive access to the baby crossover, which goes on sale later this year.

See Autocar's exclusive Nissan Juke pictures

The new car, which Nissan claims will appeal mainly to male buyers, has no direct rivals in today’s car market but is designed to replicate the success the Qashqai has had in the C-segment, against cars such as the VW Golf and Ford Focus. Nissan wants the car to attract younger customers to the brand; it claims “under half will be below 40”.

But the Juke will offer a considerably more advanced mechanical make-up than conventional B-segment models. Along with the 187bhp engine, the Juke will also be available with four-wheel drive and a torque vectoring system, the likes of which has only been available until now on cars such as the BMW X6.

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Designed in the UK at Nissan’s Paddington Design Centre, the Juke uses SUV styling proportions to create a car that’s considerably wider and longer than a Micra, although at 1570mm high it’s only 30mm taller.

Inside, the car’s fascia is much more conventional than the exterior; the most striking feature is the centre console, which comes in body-coloured paint and is said to have been inspired by the fuel tank from a motorbike.

Underneath, the Juke uses a widened, lengthened version of the Renault Nissan Alliance B platform, also used in the Clio and Micra; it’s 2530mm wheelbase is 10cm longer, and the platform's extra width means it can accommodate wider tracks. That’s allowed Nissan to offer the Juke with 17-inch wheels and 215-section tyres.

Suspension remains a MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear for the two-wheel drive versions, but unusually Nissan has decided to fit the four-wheel drive models with a new multi-link suspension at the rear. This should give the Juke handling to rival the class leaders'.

A187bhp 1.6 turbo version will be the only Juke available as a four-wheel-drive model; two-wheel-drive cars get a six-speed manual, but the four-wheel-drive variant comes with a CVT transmission.

The drivetrain is a development of the system in the Qashqai, with torque vectoring that splits torque from wheel to wheel across the rear axle.

There will also be a more powerful version of the Micra and Note’s 1.6 petrol, with 113bhp for the two-wheel-drive models only, and a 1.4 diesel.

Nissan is offering the Juke with plenty of big-car options, such as keyless entry and start, a rear-view camera and automatic headlights. Other options include underbody protector plates, illuminated door sills and a roof spoiler.

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With its exaggerated styling, the Nissan Juke takes the notion of a crossover in a new direction

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23 March 2010

I'm wondering if any merit can be given to this car as a possible entrant into rally motor sport. It doesnt seem suited to actual roads.

Although would like to see what they looked like lowered on sports suspension and with light sports wheels and sticky rubber. Probably awful, but would like to see.

would also need stripping out and fitted with a full fia roll cage.

motorsport could actually save this car, nissan take note, give it to a racing team to sort out and get it to win a class competition.

23 March 2010

Bleh. Eurgh. Yuk. Aaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh. It's a horrible, bloated, diseased abortion of a car and I hope to God I never see one, because, whatever I am doing, if I do see one, I will vomit immediately. How the stylists ever got approval for it I cannot think. Seriously horrid. And I'm right in the target audience - how much worse will it go down with Nissan's more traditional customer market, the middle-aged to elderly?

If you must have a 4WD, do it properly and get a full-size off-roader. If you want the security of 4WD handling in a car, get an Audi or a Subaru or somesuch. If you want a C-sector family hatchback, buy a Golf or a Focus or a 1-series. If you want the raised driving position, again, get a proper off-roader. This is another pointless fashion accessory like the BMW X1. And, trust me, it won't get anyone laid.

23 March 2010

have they got the name right? it's a "Joke"..!! i certainly wouldn't want to be seen died in one... what a disaster Nissan got in its hands

23 March 2010

care in the community day release and internet access - clearly never a good mix.

23 March 2010

Nissan Puke?

23 March 2010

Yawn yawn yawn. Old and predictable comments above. I hope it does do well, I like the look, its rather funky! And its keeping a lot of people employed in the NE

23 March 2010

Nissan Joke indeed! it looks like a Micra on stilts!

23 March 2010

[quote superstevie]Yawn yawn yawn. Old and predictable comments above. I hope it does do well, I like the look, its rather funky! And its keeping a lot of people employed in the NE[/quote]

I see the blind ex-Ssangyong designer finally got a new job... Of course the comments are predictable - the car is gratuitously ugly and deserves the abuse that it's getting. Without the dreadful detail it would just be a bland box. If the basic shape is dull, designers tend to over-style to disguise the fact...but this really is an over-style too far. It's OK for the owners - at least they don't need to look at the exterior while they're driving it! (And they'd have to be blind anyway)

23 March 2010

[quote superstevie] its keeping a lot of people employed in the NE[/quote]

Not for long I'd imagine as I can't see that car selling in the same numbers as the

qashqai. It looks like a pumped up Micra. A girls car if ever there was one.

23 March 2010

The interior is actually pretty nice but, Gods! That exterior! It's got more creases than an origamist's shirt.


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