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First pics of one of two revised variants of the Nissan GT-R in testing

These are the latest spy shots of Nissan’s special-edition Spec-M version of the GT-R.

It is one of two revised variants of the car that have been testing at the Nürburgring in recent weeks.

See the spy pics of the new Nissan GT-R Spec-M

The Spec-M seen here — a more luxurious version of Nissan’s Porsche 911 Turbo rival, featuring plusher fabrics and more cushioning in the seats — has been joined at the classic German venue by a 
Cup car that incorporates key features from the ultra-expensive Spec-V.

The Cup gets a carbonfibre rear wing, the Spec-V’s carbon-ceramic brakes, and lighter body panels and wheels.

It’s likely to be Nissan’s choice as the GT-R attempts to win back Nordschleife bragging rights from the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which recently posted a lap of 7min 18sec at the venue.

This particular Spec-M test car reveals that the revised GT-R gets LED running lights incorporated into a ‘triple wave’ front bumper, and a new front grille.

Nissan has also tweaked the car’s underbody diffuser to improve stability at high speeds — and beefed up the 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 powerplant to produce around 520bhp, enough to keep the new 911 Turbo in check.

Nissan has also been evaluating alternative fuels in the GT-R in what chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno called a bid “to keep the car relevant”. Mizuno refused to rule out the possibility of future GT-Rs using hybrid technology.

“While we have several options,” he said, “we haven’t decided which way we will lean.”

The Cup-spec GT-R is due on sale in Japan in the autumn, while the Spec-M should arrive early next year.

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Guffria 6 August 2010

Re: Nissan GT-R Spec-M: new pics

From the GTR websites I have been to this is not the Spec M but the 2012 GTR. Nissan always stated they would be updating the GTR every year and this is just an updated version of this years and last to compete with the 911 PDK Turbo. The Spec V has also been given a good going over as well. The Spec M is supposed to be getting the same exhuast system as the Spec V where as this is the same as the base model, so I would assum that this is just the base model...

beachland2 6 August 2010

Re: Nissan GT-R Spec-M: new pics

Nice, the M should get some important extra sales globally. The Cup being more interesting to me. so they have finally upped the power to 520bhp, inevitable really with porsche pushing the power stakes higher.

Ring lap times are getting a bit diffused now as a few big names are cheating by using non road legal racing tyres to get the times they need.

So it will be valid to note when the Cup posts an offcial record time, to see what kind of tyres they use. Ideally they should post a time for both to show complete transparency of performance and to give an idea about how much other cars are gaining an advantage.


i hope nissan engineers dont get pushed into using battery hybrid for their GTR (this car is not a leaf!) , when it seems they are testing a flywheel system like the porsche, which to me is more in keeping of performance driving. What other hybrid system could they be testing?