Currently reading: Nissan Cube gets UK launch
New model goes on sale in January

Nissan has officially launched its third-generation Cube in the UK.

The near production-ready Cube was in London last night in a specially-created Cube Store being used to promote the car.

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“The Cube is a completely new product for us,” said a Nissan source. “We’re aiming to get it into pop culture and will be using marketing methods for the car which we’ve never used before.

“We’ve never really had a product aimed at such a young audience so we’re prepared to try something different with it.”

Instead of a traditional advertising campaign in print and visual media, Nissan will instead be promoting the car on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Nissan hopes to sell around 2000 Cube units per year, with UK sales starting in January. The car will be on display in the Cube Store on Brick Lane until 3 January.

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catnip 26 November 2009

Re: Nissan Cube gets UK launch

Near where I live there is a guy who imports the 'old' model Cube, and he sells loads of them. They don't seem to be bought by young people though, rather businesses looking for promotional vehicles, or I guess middle aged drivers who want something different..

I'm not sure whether this new, more 'curvy' Cube looks as good as the original though..

theonlydt 26 November 2009

Re: Nissan Cube gets UK launch

CapsLock wrote:
it is fantastically engineered like all Nissan cars

I can name several Nissan products that are below par - whether it be the engine in the Navara, the legacy of the "Almera" line etc... I say this as a very happy owner of a Nissan car!

CapsLock wrote:
as far as i know its got front vented disc and rear drums

Correct. For a car of its weight and what you would assume to be its "average" weight loading it should have discs at the rear, not only for the extra stopping power they provide, but also because disc brakes react quicker to abs inputs, thus slowing the vehicle faster and with better stability.

CapsLock wrote:
the seats fold down in teh rear to leave fantastic load area and look at the way the door opens!!

Wow, the seats fold. They don't even fold flat for God's sake! That's not a "well thought through" or packaged vehicle. Compared to the folding, sliding, removable seats in the Skoda Roomster, or maybe the clever seats in the Jazz and you should admit that really Nissan missed an opportunity to make the most of this vehicle.

CapsLock wrote:
as far as its US sales go, it is quite a small car and its not been out that long in the USA; also you state "flop" by comparison too?

Sales below those that Nissan predicted. They're still desperately trying to shift what they refer to as 2009 stock, when almost all manufacturers have shifted the last of their 09 stock (bar those dealers selling Chrysler etc). This is despite a shift in consumer buying towards smaller cars, including the introduction of cars like the Kia Soul, which is doing very well.

CapsLock wrote:
but they are different cars and for different things, the Cube sits very much in its own space

No, they're not. They're both mostly based on a supermini (Micra and Fabia), they both try to maximise space with a boxy design in the load area and they're probably going to be in similar price brackets. Stylistically (is that a word) the Cube does sit on its own, because very few manufacturers are prepared to produce something like it for the European market.

You have now made me sound like I really hate this car - I don't. I quite like the look of the cube. I couldn't have owned one at 21, I couldn't afford it and to be honest I agree with other posters here - there would have been comments from my friends. I had a used civic at 21, I took the "old man" comments in my stride, but the Nissan really isn't my cup of tea. It's very interestingly designed, asymmetrical etc, the interior is pretty interesting on the Japanese version, I wonder if the UK version will be similar (as both RHD) or will be the more boring North American interior.

tannedbaldhead 26 November 2009

Re: Nissan Cube gets UK launch

Agitprop wrote:

I don't dislike it because my mates wouldn't, CapsLock, jut commenting that a lot of blokes will be put off by it for that reason. Just as they are by cars like the 500, C3 Pluriel etc., (I realise this sounds like a a generalisation, but I am going by the reaction of my group of close friends and upscaling that a bit when I said I like the 500). Most of my friends (well, all bar one) are very open-minded people but have very rigid pre-conceived idea of what sort of cars are 'masculine' and what sort of cars are 'feminin.' Personally I'm not that fussed but I think a lot of people would be.

I think my other points remain valid though; I am really feeling the effects of a depressed jobs market now as I try and find work for Sept '10 and the last thing on my mind is a brand new car. My car does need replacing as it is on its last legs, and I am fortunate/unfortunate - whichever way you want to view it (I'd rather have my Nan) - that I have come into enough money to replace it next year. But I'll be spending £3-4000.

Finally, I know this is subjective, but i think it looks bloody awful. People criticise BMW and the like for 'challenging styling,' but the Five Series GT looks pretty next to this. I just think it has all the appeal of a van.

I hope I did not offend anyone with my previous post. It was not meant to be homphobic/sexist/insulting - I was simply highlighting how I think a lot of people would see it.

Lad has a point. I loved my ex wife's Micra 160SR so much most of my personal milage was done in it rather than my company Saab 9-3 Vector Sport. Got loads of stick from mates along the lines of "what you doing in that girls car."