Revised interior and nose and tail facelifts spied on 2010 Passat
14 May 2010

Volkswagen is hoping that giving the Passat a revised interior and nose and tail facelifts will halt a worrying slide in sales for the upmarket saloon and estate.

Scooped here during final pre-production testing, the revised Passat will be launched at September's Paris motor show. UK sales kick off in January.

See the revised VW Passat spy pictures

According to well placed sources, the Passat is due to a get a welcome lift in interior quality thanks to the introduction of dashboard features from the sportier Passat CC.

That features a more upmarket instrument pack, a redesigned centre console with a clearer sat-nav touch screen, and a sportier steering wheel with spoke-mounted controls.

Exterior changes will bring the Passat in line with the new VW family look, already seen on the Polo and Golf. That means a wide lower air intake, a narrow, full-width upper grille and new headlights.

Expect new tail-lights and trim revisions to lift the rear-end look.

Engines and gearboxes are expected to carry over largely unchanged from today's Passat, which features three petrol engines and four diesels.

The petrols are tipped to be the 1.4 TSI and 1.8 TSI, the turbodiesels will be 1.6 and 2.0 TDIs, and the 3.6-litre V6 R36 is expected to be dropped from the line-up.

Just three years ago Volkswagen UK shifted 37,000 Passat saloons and estates in a full year. In 2008 that dropped to 30,000; last year just 21,000 were sold.

Our Verdict

Volkswagen Passat 2011-2014

The VW Passat is a competent family car - but does it show any flair, and does it stand out amongst established executive saloons from BMW, Audi and Mercedes?

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14 May 2010

Its hardly suprising sales have dropped. This car was launched in 2005 and hasn't even been facelifted since. It almost time for a completely new model.

VW have started extended model cycles by a very long time with a major facelift inbetween (which they pretend is a totally new car). Golf, Toe-Rag etc.

14 May 2010

Currently the biggest threat to the Passat is its sister Skoda Suberb. The Skoda offers the same fantastic engines and high quality material quality as found in the Passat, yet in a bigger more practical package at a lower price with more equipment at each level. For this reason, the only real reason to buy the Passat is for the badge or looks. Similarily the Jetta has this problem when compared with the SEAT Exeo.

PS - The bit in the article that says "the Passat is due to a get a welcome lift in interior quality thanks to the introduction of dashboard features from the sportier Passat CC." is wrong. The standard Passat already has the upgraded CC interior bits (dials, nav, climate, mfd, steering wheel), which were recently added for the 2010 model year. This facelift will simply deal with the exterior looks, the interior you see today is the finished product as far as I can see.

14 May 2010

Just to clarify my point above....

Current Passat Interior at launch:


Current Passat 2010 interior:


Passat CC interior:


See what I mean?

14 May 2010

Its as dull as hell.

I've had Passats on many on many occasions for business trips, comfortable, but the interior just sends you to sleep


I had an Insignia this week, drove across on the A76, a great road, the Insignia was a better car than the Passat. And I don't like Vauxhalls

14 May 2010

The whole problem with the current passat is that the interior quality (and looks imo) is a backward step from the last model.

That and the increased level of pointless "tech".

I love my B5.5 passat but wouldn't replace it with the current model.

14 May 2010

They also need to move the hand/parking brake to a sensible position.

Ie, the centre console

14 May 2010

Well, I've had one for 3 years now and by far the biggest problem has been its RELIABILITY. VW have completely dropped the ball on this, and I know I'm not alone by any means. In addition, the interior quality is pretty poor - definitely a downgrade from previous model. Lots of nasty hard plastic. Oh, and the ride on this sport 170 model is APPALLING. I don't know what they were thinking. On the positive side, it's a technology tour-de-force. Most other new cars are just getting some of the features it has such as LED tail lights, electronic parking brake (which is excellent once you get used to it, especially with the auto-hold function) and DSG. When it works, it's an amazing car - very fast, excellent road-holding, averaging 50MPG now the mileage is over 72K. But they really need a new model rather than a facelift - I'm particularly disappointed that there aren't more engine innovations going on. If BMW can bring out a 70+MPG 320d, VW can - but they aren't. And they wonder why sales figures are falling?

14 May 2010

[quote Quattro369]VW have started extended model cycles by a very long time with a major facelift inbetween (which they pretend is a totally new car). Golf, Toe-Rag etc.[/quote]


The Touareg, or Toerag, as hilarious wags like you call it, is a new car. Just because Autocar(Matt Prior) and contrary fools like you keep insisting it is not does not change reality. You and agenda-laden 2nd div. pedallers don't really count.

The Golf VI(2008-) is due to be replaced in late 2011 by a brand new Golf VII, giving a life cycle of 8 years from the last brand new Golf (V). The Polo is brand new. Life-cycles in the car industry are typically seven years for main products. VW is no different. The ony real outlier was the Sharan, but that was more to do with the dissolution of the Ford joint tie up from the first vehicle.

And as to Passat's sales dropping someone really ought to wake Mr Rendell up and tell him that sales of most cars, especially larger ones, dropped like a stone between 2008 and 2009. Something happened. Oh yeah, the greatest recession/depression since the 30s. You couldn't make it up! Quality journalism.

14 May 2010

[quote SirDriveALot]If BMW can bring out a 70+MPG 320d, VW can - but they aren't[/quote]

First, a BlueMotion 2 litre diesel Passat isn't exactly shabby with 125g CO2/km against the BMW 320d(124g) and 320dEfficientDynamics(108g). Factor in the 320dED costs more than £5k more than the Passat for a smaller car and I wouldn't get too carried away with decrying VW. Second, the updated/new Passat for launch in September will certainly have some efficiency gains and higher output diesels like the 2.0 litre Bi-TDI.

14 May 2010

Will VW be conning punters into claiming this facelifted Passat is an all-new next generation model, like they did with the current Golf?!

I never quite warmed to the current Passat. Although I know what they were tring to achieve with the styling, the car ended up looking a bit limp and nondescript and was a step back from the previous model which looked excellent with it confident, imposing and strong styling cues. And i'm sure the interior quality of the old model is better than the current model.


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