Currently reading: Next generation Jaguar XJ spotted testing
A very early prototype of what is thought to be the next generation Jaguar XJ has been spotted testing on public roads

This Jaguar XJ test prototype — complete with internal roll cage and external sensors — is thought to be evidence of very early work on the next-generation XJ saloon.

It’s likely that this prototype is a hybrid of the new Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) floor and crash structure, combined with the upper structure of the current Jaguar XJ.

In its present form, the Jaguar XJ was launched in late 2009 and is expected to be replaced by 2016. There’s no news on whether similar mould-breaking looks will be carried across to the new car.

By the time it is replaced, the XJ will be the only aluminium JLR model still based on the first-generation riveted-and-bonded aluminium architecture. The new XJ will be based on the PLA, which also underpins the latest Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The PLA is also scheduled to be used as a basis for the Land Rover Discovery replacement.

JLR revealed that a third of its entire engineering staff were working on the aluminium PLA platform and the Mk4 Range Rover. The PLA is more flexible in the kind of vehicle it can underpin, plus major changes have been made to the production-line technology, including the advanced robotic rivet guns.

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businessman 30 June 2013

A lot of lightweight tech in

A lot of lightweight tech in its manufacturing process too.  But something about the styling is plain just awkward, especially the rear.

Mike in Bath 27 June 2013

Agreed, it looks best in black

I do not know where some of you lot live? However, where I live I see at least double figures of them each day, not great by mass made BMW's and Audi's; but then these start the wrong side of £55'000! And separated by being Super prestige, versus Audi and BMW who's ubiquitousness and safe, bland styling has left their position as standard prestige tarnished.

 I wouldn't be seen dead in either. The only people who aspire to own BMW's and Audi's are chavs, no offence.

turbinecol 26 June 2013

Not a huge fan of the

Not a huge fan of the styling, but at least it is different. A nip or tuck and doing something with the C pillar to tidy it up would help it in my eyes. They look best in black.