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First pictures of Nissan Patrol-based luxury SUV leak out

This is the new Infiniti QX56 luxury SUV, which is at the New York motor show.

The car is based on the Nissan Patrol, and is powered by the same 400bhp 5.6-litre V8 with 405lb ft of torque. It is being sold in two- and four-wheel drive variants.

See the Infiniti QX56 pics

Tech includes a seven-speed automatic transmission, electronic four-wheel-drive with driver-selectable modes, and an hydraulic anti-roll system.

This is the second generation QX, and its 25 per cent more powerful and 10 per cent more fuel effieicent than the model it replaces.

There are no plans to sell the car in Europe.

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amirza2 1 April 2010

Re: New York show: Infiniti QX56

I cannot imagine what the designers were thinking. Their conversation follows:

Designer 1:"Mercedes Benz used the puffer fish to make their cars more aerodynamic"

Designer 2:"How about we use a Beluga whale "

Designer 3: "Great idea, what could go wrong?"

fhp11 1 April 2010

Re: New York show: Infiniti QX56

What a Beast!

Doesnt really look that bad. Although I think if I found a Range Rover just to small and I was in the market for a Super Full Sized SUV - I would go for the Cadillac Escalade. It just looks way better.

esreveRnIefiL 1 April 2010

Re: New York show: Infiniti QX56

Jon Hardcastle wrote:
I just has to come back for a second look, it's that bad.

I stared, rubbed my eyes, stared again... still it wouldn't go away.

It's wrong, and I know I shouldn't, but it's so hilariuoisly 'Meh!' I almost rather want one...

(Matron, beat me with a willow branch...)