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Fifth-generation hybrid front-runner is the quickest Prius yet and has a 54-mile electric range

The new Toyota Prius has been priced at £37,315, as it looks to regain its position as one of the best-selling plug-in hybrids in the UK after an absence.

The Prius, previously removed from sale due to higher demand for SUV models, returns to the UK with customers able to order their cars from 4 March and deliveries scheduled for July.

Two specifications of the fifth-generation hatchback will be made available: Design and Excel. Both are powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a front-mounted electric motor for a combined output of 220bhp - 99bhp more than before. Other markets have access to a 191bhp powertrain. 

The new Prius has a 13.6kWh battery for an electric-only range of 54.3 miles, a step up from the 44 miles achieved by the previous car. It covers 0-62mph in 6.7sec, making it the quickest Prius to date.

The range kicks off at £37,315, which makes it slightly more expensive than a plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf (£37,040), but it does offer a much greater electric-only range. 

Entry-level cars come with 17in alloys, tinted glass, a digital driver's display and dual-zone air conditioning. Top-rung Excel cars carry a £2680 premium and get 19in alloys, a digital rear-view mirror and electrically operated seats.

The new Prius is based on the latest version of the TNGA platform, which underpinned the previous-generation model, but has gained substantial modifications to improve stiffness, refinement and stability. 

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Design-wise, the brand has aimed for a sleeker look by lowering the PHEV's maximum roof height by 50mm while still retaining a familiar wedge shape. For practicality, the highest point of the roof has moved further back so as not to intrude on rear head room.

Its overall length has been shortened by 46mm, but it has a 50mm-longer wheelbase for better rear leg room.

Inside, it has been designed with a focus on material quality and driver comfort. A 7.0in digital driver display is fitted as standard, positioned to minimise distraction while on the move, and paired with a new-generation central infotainment screen based on that from the Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV4

On the decision to dramatically reinvent its hybrid flagship, Toyota said: "While the Prius has played a leading role in driving hybrid use, the current spread of HEVs through a wide range of models means it has reached a turning point.

"The development team decided to start from scratch and look at what the Prius needs to remain popular for the next 25 years. Based on a desire to renew the Prius itself and communicate the appeal of hybrid cars to an even wider audience, the Hybrid Reborn concept was created."

Since the Prius's launch in 1997, Toyota has sold around 5.05 million examples of it worldwide. A variation of the hybrid system it pioneered is now available in all core Toyota models on sale in the UK.

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Anton motorhead 21 February 2024
If I remember right this new clever plug-in Prius is not allowed to tow anything, has a cramped rear seat and a small boot, which leaves me out of the equation, however desirable it may be. Does look sweet, though.
1969tonka 20 February 2024

The people of Uberstan will be overjoyed

TStag 20 February 2024

For that money you could get an electric car with a good range or a much nicer ICE car from a better brand. This makes no sense at all. Personally I'd buy a Tesla model 3 or an MG 4 or alternatively I'd say stuff it and buy something like a BMW or Jaguar XF.

scrap 20 February 2024

In the interests of maintaining a European car industry I will avoid subsidised Chinese imports thanks.

For some folk (not just taxi drivers) this will work very well, although it's pricey. 

xxxx 20 February 2024

Spot on, there's so much better out there for the money, unless you're an uber driver that is.