Currently reading: New Toyota Aygo to tackle Volkswagen Up
Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 triumvirate to move upmarket to rival Volkswagen Up

This heavily disguised car is the replacement for the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1 models.

The trio of city cars was originally developed as a joint venture and will be built in the Czech Republic. Current versions were launched in 2005 and facelifted again last year. These replacements are expected to appear in 2014.

Styling of the original models partly reflected the distinctive engineering (including a single-piece glass tailgate and rear windows that did not wind down), which made the car cheap and simple to build.

However, the new models will be less ‘rational’ in their appearance, exploiting the ‘cute’ styling pioneered by the Mini and Fiat 500. They will also feature more chrome than today’s versions. 

The quality of the interior finish will also be improved, and the dashboard design is said to have more character than the new Volkswagen Up, which is now this trio’s closest rival.

The three-cylinder engine will be retained, albeit in significantly updated form. The current engine is already known to be impressively frugal, so improved refinement is the most pressing concern.

In 2012, the cars’ seventh year on sale, PSA Peugeot-Citroën shifted a combined total of 141,000 C1s and 107s, making them vital models for the group, especially in a sector that is still expanding.

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Shrub 9 September 2013

You don't say...

Not the most revelatory headline there. Aygo to showcase new technology? Nope. Aygo to lead class for fuel consumption? Nope. Aygo, a soon to be launched city car will tackle an existing city car. Blimey.

MrJ 9 September 2013

More chrome? Ugh, waste of

More chrome?

Ugh, waste of money in a vehicle at this end of the market.

They'd do better to spend the budget on improving switchgear ergonomics.

Hope the new one is as charming as the present version.

artill 9 September 2013

Will it really use a revised

Will it really use a revised version of the current engine. I am sure i have read before it would use the new 3 cylinder PSA engine. However, i hope which ever engine it uses they strap a turbo to one of them to 'tackle' the UP GT. Its what the current version really missed out on.

As for Evanstim's comments about the interior being made of Cardboard, have you ever been in one? I cant think of any cardboard in it.

But after 9 years it is due a refresh, i just hope they dont lose any of the current versions enthusiasm. Its still a fun little thing

evanstim 10 September 2013

Cardboard interior

"As for Evanstim's comments about the interior being made of Cardboard, have you ever been in one? I cant think of any cardboard in it."

I think I remember painted cardboard on the underside of the dashboard. I marked and dented it with my enormous right foot as I got into the vehicle. This was a few years ago and it was the pre-facelift model, so perhaps they have changed it since then? I am not certain now - your comment has now made me doubt my memory - but I thought I remembered that the door inserts were fabric and plastic bonded to a cardboard sheets with studs, like cars used to have in the 1970's.

My friend has since upgraded to a post-facelift model but I have not been in her newer vehicle. My overriding memory of the one I did go in was that it was really cheap and clearly built to a price; hence my comment.

She's looking at an Up! for her replacement vehicle.