All-new model will be launched in the autumn; new 1.2 petrol engine and improved dynamics
11 June 2010

Suzuki’s all-new lighter, longer and more spacious Swift will go on sale in the UK this autumn, promising better dynamics, increased performance and improved CO2 emissions and economy.

The Swift’s all-new platform increases the wheelbase by 50mm and the overall length by 90mm. The body is also lighter and stiffer, and the front and rear tracks are 10mm and 5mm wider respectively. Suzuki claims the Swift, its best-selling model, is much improved dynamically as a result.

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Suzuki’s focus on improving the dynamics is evident when looked at next to the five-door's styling, which is a subtle evolution of the outgoing car’s handsome design.

Interior pictures have yet to be revealed, but Suzuki has indicated it will be more sophisticated and “dynamic” than the outgoing car. The increase in wheelbase will also create more space for rear passengers.

The launch engine will be a new 1.2-litre petrol engine to replace the outgoing 1.3-litre unit. The Dual VVT unit produces 92bhp and 87lb ft, both figures slightly improved over the 1.3 unit. A manual gearbox will be standard and an automatic optional.

However, the real gains have been in improving fuel economy and cutting CO2 emissions. Economy is now 56.5mpg, 7.8mpg more than the 1.3, and emissions are 116g/km, 24g/km lower than the outgoing car.

A reworked 1.3-litre diesel capable of 109g/km and 67.3mpg (119g/km and 62.8mpg in the old Swift) will be available from early 2011, while a Sport model is also expected to be launched in 2011.

Full UK pricing and specification will be announced later in the summer, but the Swift is likely to cost from around £11,000.

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10 June 2010

Are those images really the new Swift? I can barely distinguish it from the old one!

10 June 2010

wait, NEW ???

facelift, anyone?

10 June 2010

the 1.2 sounds great

swift 1.2 =92bhp

polo 1.2 =60bhp


but a 1.6 sport makes no sense at all.

surely they must turbocharge the 1.2?

10 June 2010

current one is a great looking car, so decision not to go far from it in terms of design could be called as smart.. if only they haven't ruined the looks with making it "softer" looking, while probably trying to create mass appeal. the current one has the sparkle, this one just hasn't. (although i agree about those changes being cosmetic)..

10 June 2010

I think a new engine, new length wheelbase, mean more than a facelift and probably a new interior. Plus its face has hardly been lifted.

Suzuki clearly felt it had a winning design but what was underneath needed reworking


10 June 2010

Is it just me or has everything above the beltline been lifted straight from the Nissan Juke?

10 June 2010

Odd how we accept some cars keeping similar looks when they're renewed (911, Golf) but not others (Swift, Boxster).

10 June 2010

Wow. Radical......

It needs a facelift already, it looks old...

10 June 2010

[quote Myk]

Is it just me or has everything above the beltline been lifted straight from the Nissan Juke?


No, the Nissan Juke nicked it off the present Swift.

Personally, I think it's a pity they've softened the looks - there's something appealingly cute yet wannabe-butch about the present car.

10 June 2010

From first glance, this has to be the first brand new car i've come across that looks so similar to its predecessor.


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