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Importer set to offer Mia-Electric compact electric car with claimed 74 mile range, prices to start at £16,995
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13 June 2013

The French-built Mia-Electric range of electric vehicles is set go on sale in the UK in July.

Mia-Electric's line-up of electric city vehicles, which will be sold under the name of Mia-Electric UK, feature a central driving position, plastic bodywork and sliding doors.

A Single-seat version, with the option of a second seat, will be coming to the UK initially. Three- and four-seat versions could be made available later, as well as a panel van which could prove ideal for small inner-city businesses thanks to its congestion charge exemption. 

Managing director Paul Evans, of importer Venture Automotive Holdings, said "There is a very real and practical place for EVs in the UK vehicle market.

“Urban environments, short journeys and regular return-to-base delivery fleets are ideal for electric vehicles." 

The electric vehicles offer a 74-mile range, with a five-hour recharge time. Power comes from two 12kw batteries. A 10-minute charge is claimed to provide a five-mile range.

Each Mia-Electric vehicle will come with a five-year/70,000-mile warranty, which covers the battery, electric drivetrain and vehicle. Also included is an anti-corrision warranty and free roadside assistance.

Prices will start at approximately £16,995 plus VAT, inclusive of the government's electric vehicle grant.

Piers Irvine


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13 June 2013

Whilst I like to give new manufacturers and models a chance, before writing them off as being totally absurd. This is really not going to go well. Anyone thinking of buying an electric vehicle,  especially one this size, would be far better of with a Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf or even a Renault Twizy. This is one model that will probably not be around in a few years time. Deeply silly. 

13 June 2013

Actually this kind of thing has got a nice little niche going in Paris - admittedly though as a delivery van for local supermarkets and other businesses. Size - or lack of it - of course being paramount here.

Quite an interesting company: head designer being one Murat Günak.

Biggest problem is price though - even if it is dinky and fits where others fear to park, it's costs more than a Zoe. Now, I know you have to lease the Zoe's batteries on top of that - but it seems they do sthe same with the MIA in  France. (15,800 Euro with 49 euro a month battery lease I think ) Will they do the same here?

13 June 2013

A 5 year warrenty, and enough range for a days city driving, in a small single seater. Great. I am sure there are city dwellers who could use one. But at £17k plus vat i think not. If this had been £10K including VAT i could see a small take up, afterall it would be a less funky Renault twizy, but with doors. 

At double that price, forget it.

13 June 2013

For about this much you could buy a Renault Zoe which looks enormously better, comes with a longer range, is from a known brand, is based in tried and tested technology, has far better driving dynamics,... I could go on. Guess you got the point, Mia. Sorry from me.

14 June 2013

Don't you just love the term "up to" ? I'd be a nervous wreck at when reaching 50 km in distance. The price, the "up to" and looking lke a toy turns me completely off.


14 June 2013

A mobility scooter for the wealthy? ...

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