Renderings show Nissan supermini will be toned down
19 October 2009

The next Nissan Micra will not be as visually exciting as recent design sketches suggest, according to a new set of images.

Revealed earlier this month, renderings of the new Micra showed a sporty, sculpted design.

See the Nissan Micra patent drawings

But new images, said to be leaked official drawings, show the car to have conventional proportions much more in keeping with the shape of the current car.

The front of the car has elements of BMW’s Mini to it, although from the A-pillar back it is clearly a Micra.The new supermini will be based off a 'new platform' specifically designed for compact cars, according to Nissan insiders.

Dubbed a “global compact car” by Nissan, the vehicle will be sold in over 150 countriies around the world, and could get a different name, which will be revealed at a later date.

Five countries are earmarked to produce the car: India, Thailand, China and two undisclosed locations, expected to be in Asia. Production at the Sunderland plant will switch to building the new Qazana and possibly the recently revealed electric Leaf.

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19 October 2009

err - looks more like the old citroen c3 to me.....

19 October 2009

What's with the lines on the roof - it looks like it has a comb-over?

19 October 2009

it looks really good to me, it looks like it will be really close to concept which was great, nissan are really on form, its great.

the lines on the roof are what I take as the styling on the rear of the roof, if you look back at the concept sketches you will see how the roof flows, it is really really good, I cannot wait to see one in the flesh, go Nissan!

19 October 2009

Just as girly as the previous micra. But like a girl with a false nose.

19 October 2009

I just hope they get the build quality right this time. I learned to drive in a '98 Micra, which was a decent thing to drive and felt like it would go on forever - nothing went wrong in 6 years, and it was better screwed together than the equivalent Fiesta. The 1.3 engine was also surprisingly nippy at legal speeds. Had one of the current-shape as a courtesy car and bits of trim were already falling off at just 12 months old, and felt considerably cheaper. Compared to the class leading car that was launched in '93, Nissan are now well behind the pace.

19 October 2009

an evolution of the current car, and to me, thats just not enough.

19 October 2009

I think it looks a bit like the C3 too. Mind you, I think the current version looks like a Fiat 500 if you squint a bit.

Personally I think an evolution of the current car would be fine. It occupies a strange niche compared to the Fiesta, Corsa, Clio et al, in that it has no image other than being safe and dependable, doesn't seek to be particularly sporty looking, is I suppose a little bit 'cute', doesn't have the perceived 'flair' of the Clio/206, but still sells well despite being old and quite small inside. To be honest I'd forgotten it had even existed, but the sales figures say otherwise. I reckon they could leave the current one on sale as an entry-level version like the old Clio Campus, given that the new version will almost certainly be bigger and internally more spacious.

19 October 2009

Crikey, viewed in profile it looks like someone's stuck the Almera on a boil wash!

Take no notice... I'm only here for the biscuits

19 October 2009

[quote superstevie]an evolution of the current car, and to me, thats just not enough.[/quote]

i was thinking the same thing. Nissan with this thinking can not achieve success, only managing to get by. If thats all they want then fair enough, but they could do more.

They could have revolutionised the micra, they could have made it small like a smart car, but better design and dynamics, and far cheaper. A small 2 seat nissan micra, universal design look and very cheap car to purchase and run, would have been ideal. That would have been a "world" car, not something that will get dissmissed by better opposition.

19 October 2009

[quote esreveRnIefiL]Crikey, viewed in profile it looks like someone's stuck the Almera on a boil wash![/quote]

Yes! but with a Fiesta nose- I liked the current MIcra,it's sweet lookin


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